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I hope there's a sonichu or chris chan ref in it, i cant wait to enjoy how horrible it will be. Kinda sad that they changed sonic, but new design is nice.
the theme song for the sonic movie has 'nigga' in it. it also sounds like pure shit
tripfags kys
Danielle Berry confirmed for brainlet. I like time alone.
Can i scream into the void that is your pussy with my tongue?
"No one ever said on their deathbed, 'Gee, I wish I had spent more time alone with my computer'." - Danielle Berry
I wish I was a bird, being able to roam the skies freely.
Tfw no sentient dragons to befriend, romance or be ruined by, leaving you a quivering spunk covered mess
Don't worry, anons. We aren't all filled with irrational hate.
You know what i hate even more than that, the vocal minority that ruins things for everyone.
boi i really fuckin hate minorities
Ow the edge
Say hello to Satan, once you cross the bridge Screams turned to whispers, fighting in the mist I do not belong here, I think they clipped my wings Uncertain, unstable, do I even exist? Now how can I fly away? We’re born to die anyway I’m getting high everyday Will suicide end the pain?
And an oy vey to you too
Adon olam, asher malach B'terem kol y'tzir nivra L'et na'asah v'cheftzo kol Azai melech sh'mo nikra
A friend of mine went to the movies. Actually it's a little bit strange for me, because he doesnt like commercial movies. Instead of keeping me in check, he ignored my message. A wise man told me: a brick of feather weights more than a brick of water. Bitches aint shit till I die
I dont have one to start off with faggot.
▲ ▲ ▲
Should have thought about that before cutting it off, tranny.
Some times i wish i had a dick so i could do the meat spin meme
The most prolific traffickers of human beings, human organs and drugs, throughout history, have hidden their crimes behind cries of antisemitism.
Isnt that like the arabs with oil?
"My basic thesis is that they Jews are a criminal people, and the Jews completely control the United States, and the Jews are using the United States as a vehicle to take over the world." -Bobby Fischer
The ancient answer to the eternal Jewish Question remains the same: Expulsion.
THISSSSSS GUUUUY! Pussy and sonic movie yes
Whos gonna make valentine's a romantic evening by going to see the new sonic movie?
Fuck thats a big mood
I was homeless for 10 years and decided to apply for a position to hold a company's sign on the sidewalk... The company told me that they were sorry but I was overqualified.
Nigga, people gonna spout shit over anything and everything, propaganda is a slimy fuck off deep rabbit hole that sides on both ends.
Has anyone seen Ganons? I enjoyed his crazy posts about Gab. Is he still alive or dead?
Tune in next week to see what happens on the next episode of /pol/-man.
What can be done to scare /pol/ off of anonymous websites? How do we make them too uncomfortable to spread their propaganda? How do we get them to follow their leader to an hero?
Post more shitfaggot
My first post ever !
was here in 2020 nigga
Its insane to got without Internet for a while and having to do massive workarounds to update work, having access to the net really is a crucial thing to have now.
Its not only the jews anon, theres more greedy fucks who want more for less that fucks everything up. How the fuck can one have 5 years+ industry experience, fresh out of school, but also not be over a certain certificate level for an entry level job?
Is anon wondering why government, finance and education are so deliberately fucked up? Here's a pro tip: It's the Jew.
True pro gamer moment from trump there.
Happy New Year Iran! WWIII right around the corner boys, we're finally going to live the post-apocalypse dream!
dang it, one minute off
Happy New Year to you both
Happy new year anon
Happy New Year lads.
It just makes me want to stop existing, like im speaking a different language to everyone else. I want to talk and interact, but i just feel like an idiot, that im more trouble, annoying and a drain to be around. I dont feel good, i just want to stop being.
Whats the point in interacting with anyone when anything you say never gets understood. I struggle to have to repeat myself in so many different ways to try and get what i said to be understood the way it should be. Someone else could say it word for word and its fine, clear as day. Im tired of it
Hi fucking bored, I'm dad.
hi anon
Fucking bored.
The problem with the exclamation point & question mark being side by side on a keyboard: I'm so sorry your grandma died? I love you?
"I live to hail that season by gifted one foretold, when men shall live by reason, and not alone by gold." - George Linnaeus Banks
Fug pretty happy i got that painting done in a night, took like 6 hours in total to paint with a small break in the middle, just didn't get to print it
i never want anything for christmas, but i'm always dissapointed with what i get
I wish I wasn't so anxious all the time, but I don't want to go back to my medications. I have so many reasons to be happy but I don't feel any good.
Seed the fucking torrent
i want to masturbate but i can't find good video for that
Merry Kurisumasu, anons.
It's almost Christmas!!!!
I don't want to be that guy, but can we admit that the Jews probably did 9/11?
What the fuck is this
is it christmas yet
What's the difference between a hotdog and a dead baby? You don't ejaculate on a hotdog before you eat it.
yeah man. cool, right?
hey it worked did you see
i am writing words to see how this works
Ive forgotten my days and its a lot closer to Christmas than i thought. 3 days to do a pet portrait to make as a gift.
by the time yandev finishes his game, maybe they'll release the 3rd season of kaiji
I was going to say a necrophilia joke... But it died... So fuck it....
What is better than winning a gold medal at the paralympics? Having two legs
You mean that tf2 rip off?
why can't they ever balance overwatch properly
fuck mysql
I'm gonna... I'm gonna COOOM AHHHHGGGGHRHHHhh
Isnt that in the verge of death?
Nigga stop being such a fucking edge lord and just act like a normal human being. You seem like the type of motherfucker to have a cold steel the hedgehog type OC.
I just introduced my date as P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney because I forgot his name. How's your night?
i met a girl and i swept her off her feet made her promises i never meant to keep there's a mean streak in me inside a storm was raging
Sounds like you just gotta clear your head and have a setback and look at the bigfer picture thats going on. Were gonna make it brah, self admitting your faults are of youre own doing and not doing hard cope on blaming everyone else/thing is the first step to becoming more self aware and mindful
Nah dont kill yourself anon, have a look at your living environment, i went through a similar thing but it was due to stress with family life and forced to do a million things at one and never be allowed to need help or care given in return. Whats your job is you have one, are you getting outside
Trump is not going to get Impeached and Epstein didn't kill himself. The Impeachment process is a coup by (((them))). Trust the information and follow the $$$$
I have become verbally abusive and a source of stress to everyone around me. I always say bitter shit and if someone does something annoying I snap like a rabid dog and shower them with insults. Even my dog is stressed. Maybe I should go through with suicide to stop damaging everyone like this.
"How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?" "It's a really obscure number, you probably haven't heard of it."
idols are cute
Also them fires in aus are all pretty much out of control and nearly the entire coast is on fire.
I don't think anyone cares, yanks are fucked anyway but least he's done some actual good with some of the shit hes gotten sorted.
Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020
I cant get iver the amount of greese and oil left in the cupboards in this flat, absolutely filthy. Went through a whole pack od wipes using every inch of each sheet and it was only just enough to get the bulk of it.
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