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Fucking hell, I am ridiculously stressed lately.
finally writing down stories about my character, 9 pages deep and not even close to half way, 9 pages deep of only short version of the stories, i still have like 20 more to do and it'll only just bring things close to present evens....halp
Who gives a fuck about murdoch
Antifa equals Anarchy Violence and Looting Source: Antifa equals Anarchy Violence and Looting - YouTube Address : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8OXkfjUlHE
What the fuck is murdoch murdoch
I can't wait for the next Murdoch Murdoch! I just got my GALAXY MM88 poster and it looks to be the same quality as the source material, arguably carcinogenic!
Q: What's a frog's favorite drink? A: Croaka Cola.
Please God, yes. Do it @ragingsysadmin
What about including the option to select your own timezone on outburst? Your choice would be saved as a cookie, so you wouldnt have to keep selecting the right timezone.
What's happening tonight nignogs?
I saw a tweet saying liberals should create their own Captain America. They did. In 1940.
What is Hitler's favorite video game? Grand theft Otto
Nobody is telling the Brown population of India that they’re “too divided” and must unite together with non-Indians who hate them for the good of the country. People like Donald Trump are doing that in ONLY White Countries. Forced integration and assimilation is GENOCIDE! Trump is ANTI-WHITE!
Iktf brah.
I feel terribly ill. Weren't you supposed to be 'still ill' my brother?
Holy fuck. There's nothing quite as liberating as shitting in a hospital bathroom when you're a neet who doesn't pay tax and therefore doesn't contribute to the upkeep of the place. It's like shitting in a strangers house.
That's not even a joke, it's just depressingly accurate ;____;
"How's your sexual history?" Well doc, if i had to summarize it in one word it would be "deletable"
now we have lots of gibs for niggers . only today . bling-blang-day heyhey
Fuck niggers.
HULK doesn't have sex, HULK smashes :b
Christ, fuck off with the spam you obnoxious faggot. Never in the existence of any website has spamming people with it made them want to visit. Unironically fucking kill yourself.
kohlchan means HERRENRASSE
re anon kike : we don`t speak nigger
check kohlchan net - probably the best Internetz we have
re anon kike : häng dich auf du mieses Stück Scheiße
Thanks, kohlchan!
Krautchan was always fucking shit. Why would I want to go on a site full of Germans? They're the most cucked people in the world.
@kohlchan we don't speak Nazi. Sorry.
KOHLCHAN NET krautchan is back - get the fuck in
is back check kohlchan
Give it another 50 years Anon.
Why won't the damn baby boomers hurry up and die already! They are the reason why everything is messed up in the world!
Research HoloHoax
Research White Genocide
I tried to force feed my child... After a while, my wife said, "Just use a fucking spoon Mike, you're not a Jedi."
>implying women exist
Disregard females, acquire aesthetics
Trump was the lesser of two retards. Nobody voted for Trump because they wanted Trump as president. They voted for Trump because they're sick of people like hillary being president.
All you American haters. Your leaders are lining up to kiss Trumps ass and suck his balls.
Ty Anon. Might check it out this weekend then.
Small foot was also a neat movie, would see again for hiw visually stunning it is and the neat twist in the story with it.
What's the difference between the Mafia and the Government? Only one of them is organized.
>implying I'm stuck with Muslims - have fun finding a Muslim in Hong Kong you fucking dumb americrybaby bitch.
Tbqh the only thing we are any good at is firearms manufacturing, but even then, Germans tend to do it better anyway. Saying that America is better at everything than everyone is bullshit Anon. You make us all look like fucking idiots. Lest you forget our country created the sjw movement as well.
Jealous because you're stuck with all the muslim? Faggot
Also lol @ American """"food"""". Have fun putting cattle feed in your food produce you fucking idiots. Your food standards are a fucking joke, and your navy would be shit in comparison to the kangaroo fuckers if it wasn't for you stealing all of their fucking planes and weaponry you thick fucks.
>implying anything made by Americans is ever any good. - You faggots can't make cars, clocks, planes, jets, engines, jack-shit mechanical. You cunts just fucking steal it off of European and Asian manufacturers. Prime example are the German rocket scientists after WW2. You twats hired them all.
British empire having an actual standard with quality of food and water, not abandoning entire cities
Australian, German, Dutch and Swiss engineering with cars and trucks and clocks.
Australia made the over the horizon scanners that are able to pickup and locate 'Americans invisible jet' that the yanks threw a shit fit over it.
Name one thing "other countries" make better than the US does, fucklip. Unwashed subhumans doesn't count.
Listening to a male co-worker gushing about the latest "A Star Is Born" remake and recognizing that he's an even bigger faggot than I had previously thought possible.
Wat fijn dat je hier zo snel mee naar ons toekomt, Henk. Als trouwe klant willen we je natuurlijk niet teleurstellen met een geannuleerde bestelling. Ik heb het probleem uitgezocht en kwam erachter dat er een foutje zat in het opgegeven adres. Het opgegeven huisnummer is niet beschikbaar voor de
agreeing on the anons below. america is a shithole, along with its gun laws. guns are fascinating and all but the way murrifats deal with them is a fucking joke
Guns are fucking awesome though Anon. Barring that though, I agree. America is a fucking joke.
The US is a joke, just a bunch of big babies that cry and throw a tantrum when other countries make better shit then they can. Mmm yes the 'promised land' more like the land where death has its fun with shitty food and guns.
James Forrestal Talks on Antarctica , 1st USA SecDef, The Earth Is FLAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI7aM80srpE&spfreload=10 https://wrongthink.net/smoloko?ref=se https://www.minds.com/media/899011451785211904 www . patreon . com /troonatnoor
I'm just gonna say this. I don't like this guy. I don't trust him. If anyone else does then fine. I'm just not going to associate with him.
To watch television is to intentionally subject yourself to psychological abuse.
You can never have enough sausage ;^)
You got enough sausages already, don't you?
Nobody is stopping you from fucking.
Pls, let us have sex!
F tree
Thank you to the brave tree who sacrificed its life so that I could have this giant receipt from CVS for purchasing a pack of Dentyne Ice.
>1918 + 100 | >Fucking anything but traps ? I S H Y G D D T
|° °• •° °-
> real women
Hentai is for degenerates. Real men go out and fuck real women.
Rip to that double murder and suicide
Yeah, I heard about that land before time shit. Pretty fucking brutal way to go.
What the fuck do you mean maymays? You can post anything you want, with restriction to URLs
I can't even post maymays here? What kind of street-shitter-tier site is this anyway?
Honnestly I can’t watch Land Before Time without feeling bad for the girl who voiced Ducky, Judith Barsi. Shotgunned to death at the tender age of ten, yep, yep, yep.
Land before time never ceased to fail at making me wanna is grass and leaves with how much little foot fucking loved tree stars
Same difference. Either way, check that shit out and report back for me Anon. I'm too poor to afford to go and see a shitty movie ;_;
You sure it wasn’t called Smallfoot instead?
Nope, it's called little foot. It's about a bunch of big hairy bigfoot motherfuckers who find a human.
Wasn’t Little Foot the name of the dinosaur from The Land Before Time? Sure it wasn’t called something else?
It's a movie. Now go watch it and tell me if it's good, faggot.
Da fuk is little foot?
Jesus Fucking Christ, that one was awful.
A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve You, but don't start anything."
"Yes-man" - I think I know the answer to this one: yes
Just ate at an african restaurant, the air was delicious!
Anyone seen little foot yet? I see it advertised to death but I'm convinced it's going to be a disappointment to me.
What do you call drunken cunnilingus? Lick'er.
More men have been enrolling in domestic violence support groups than ever If you can't beat em, join em
Tfw not cute water lizzer pet
Monkey killing monkey killing monkey Over pieces of the ground Silly monkeys give them thumbs They make a club And beat their brother, down How they survive so misguided is a mystery
What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball?.... *GAGGING SOUNDS*
What do you call a camera mounted on a ISIS-truck? a daeshcam
Eat pussy
I have no idea what to eat.
Hate eating nachos with someone at the theater and our fingers touch. Especially if I don't know them, and they don't know we're sharing.
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