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Fucking based anon
Nobody gives a shit about Gab anymore @ganons. And @Patriot all I can say to you is Okay Boomer! The entire western world is fucked and there's nothing that can be done to save it.
It's over, Gab is done. Torba now only has 13% of bots left, Rob Monster is pulling out of the deal and he's losing money from the Boomers like there's no tomorrow. Gab is dead before 2020. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
For sex survey Anon: 23, male, about 4 days ago. In a relationship too if you want that for your notes.
My grandmother voted Republican until the day she died. Ever since then, she's voted Democrat.
Christ just had an explosive shit, made it to the shitter in time, but holy fuck it was a close one
Whats with the sudden edgefags?
Kero, is that you?
What I'm asking is does roadkilled deer count?
Does it count if the other person was willing? How about if they're alive? How about if they're a human or not?
So I was sitting outside today when all these guys flew over and just started sticking it in... I must have swatted 20 mosquitos...
Oh the question was when, sorry. We have a regular schedule so last time was about 8am, after I fed him (my cock was the dessert)
52, last time was with the kid in my basement, male
1) 22 B) A week ago? III) I identify as female. Because I am. Because of the vagina.
I'm doing a survey for college next month and I was wondering if everyone could help me out? Questions are simple: A) How old are you?, B) When was the last time you had sex? & C) What is your gender? Relationship status doesn't matter, but if you choose to share it I will add it to my notes. Tyvm!
*terrible* its pretty funny how a lot of plumbers/roofer/etc that have vans you see drive about that are signed up to porn sites and/or cheating date sites
Are you a lonely roof? Has no one touched your gutters in years? Find HOT SHINGLES in YOUR area! Top Roofers Dot Com
Gonna let a little fire stop you? Coward.
If only it wasnt on fire atm
That guy who makes the Primitive Technology videos lives in AUS. Clearly what you need to do is wander into the bush and make videos.
And thats with the same amount after money had been converted. I live rural atm and it makes no difference, orther than rent slightly lower but its still over 1200 a fortnight in just rent power and water is then another hit on top.
The cost of living in aus is fucked, a small shop with getting all no names brand stuff is always over 200$ its why i cant wait to get back to the uk, i was able to get 2-3 time more the amount in foods and necessities than i can being back home in aus.
I get paid 11/hr, and I can pay my bills and have a small apartment. I just don't live in a massive city.
And you beat me to it anon with the >implying everything is america
Military and college is not guaranteed for work, depending on the course you do in college its a high chance of being a waste of money and will get you into debt for nothing. Military wont take you if you suffer from small medical issues such as migranes and greatly limits you if youre colourblind
That $15 doesn't cover rent/utilities old man, i think youre the one thats lazy, ive still got old as fuck shit with old phones/laptops i use and im struggling to get buy on the lowest and cheapest of the cheap foods. Your stuck in your ways and it helps noone patriot. Youre the problem
>implying that everywhere in the world is america
im pretty sure you wont earn fuck all going to either the military, college, or trade school.
I just don't understand why you millennials are so lazy and stupid, why are you complaining that fifteen dollars a hour is not enough to get by? If you not able to get by then get your lazy stupid asses to college or trade school or go join the military. And stop buying iPhones and iPods every week
Little drunk right now but i love you all unconditionally. Also fuck dumbfags
So I've decided that my Wi-Fi will be my valentine. Idk, we just have this connection.
Nah, its the roaches jews are a smaller issue, that and the massive push for extreme pc culture
Hint: It’s the Jews.
More like big money never looses
The winner never loses.
Its just pushes the us Vs them mentality on everything instead of trying to bring everyone together. I mean fuck, if we dont know our history its just gonna repeat horrible shit over and over again. With it all the same shit with a hardly different smell in topic.
Its a mistake in how it has been enforced and made smaller country's that are in aus instead of integrating and learning to benefit from both cultures, all its gone to is "white man bad, you have to accept me and ill force my culture onto you" its why it upsets me with with some aboriginal wanting
Aus is a joke, we used to be known for standing with and helping each other, it wasnt the only thing that gets said now of aussies are just racist. Being in the generation to see both the old ways and how it is now makes me disappointed, angry and sad to be an Australian. Multiculturalism was a
None our of roads/electric and majority of farms are aus own, with majority of it to the chinese, amercans, etc. All due to politicians selling them off to line their pockets than have Australia with its own source of income to keep it out of debt and not fall into a country that cant feed and home
Its also fucked that the amount of farmers we have left you can count on one have and thats still dropping and being sold off to foreign investors who then strip and take more out of aus, and thats if the farmers end selling instead of killing themselves from the debt trying to keep the farm going
Its the main reason it pisses me off with people saying aus has plenty of space, the infrastructure weve got isnt built to handle it. Overseas developers have a fuckload of houses that sit empty for majority of the year, full fucking apartments and we have a housing shortage, its fucked.
To a little bit of an extreme, we didn't have our flood rains this year, so one major damn has less the 2 months water supply and the other less than 2 years. Im still mad they let the dam water out instead of shipping it up to our farmers, but it went straight into the ocean
Well the job I have is in retail Services, so should I move out of Chicago, Illinois and look into other states that are affordable and have job openings in Retail Services?btw 15 dollars a hour don't mean shit when you live in a state and city that taxes the shit out of you.
classic aussies
Theres a lot of fires in aus, also been people dressing like firefighters to start more fires and even had someone near the rural fire station cut the hoses up when they were out to dry. Shits fucked.
Don't leave Chicago! It's the only place right now that's hiring in the midwest and pays 15 dollars a hour, so it's just being stupid to move out of Chicago. Stay in Chicago, because if you can't survive in Chicago, then you can't survive anywhere else in America.
Depends on the job. Texas is having a huge population boom, with a quick-growing tech sector and no state income tax. As long as you avoid one of the major cities, it has a pretty low cost of living.
Need advice on either moving out of state or not. I need to find a state that's affordable to live in and has plenty of job openings. Illinois in general sucks, especially in Chicago that sucks a lot. Any advice on the subject?
Unless youre a complete hoe, i dont get the no nut thing, can defs see it as a positive to break from constant bad choices with hookups, but other than that, is the hopes of copious ropes of nut *that* appealing to try with greatly reduced stamina on the top of it
Don't be so pathetic that you don't nut because the internet told you not to. That's the most beta thing I have ever heard in my entire goddamn life.
I'm getting bored doing No Nut November, so I've started edging with joi videos. Good times.
Relatable. I fucking hate my life.
Sometimes I use blackout curtains so that I can stare at my wall until I start hallucinating in the darkness.
Doing more drawing commissions, but it always a negative from my folks even when i have consistent work. Nothing is good enough, and nothing i do is right to them.
God speed anon. Post results + tell us what you were doing. I'm curious.
Tomorrow I try something insane and foolish. Wish me luck.
wassah the world jony dang
Yes, and I went ahead and did it. What are you wanting to try Anon?
i can and also the instant slap down of negativity from family with the constant degrading comments 🙃
Can you remember the last time you wanted to try at something?
How do you fix a pumpkin With a pumpkin patch... I'm so sorry.
Cia nigger can't get shit from here,
192 moons just in this system so what makes our moon so special 4000 placental mammals on earth so what makes humans so special there are no moons that are like animals anywhere else than ours, anyone else than human women. does that make a man like the sun?
this is like a chaotic chat room
Anything that involves anonymity is probably infested with CIA street shitters
How do we know that CIA Glow in the Dark Niggers aren't monitoring this site?
I want to quit. I don't like it anymore.
Did you hear about the guy who died due to masturbation? It finished him off.
Nice try faggot thats not how jokebot works, but it is a massive joke with that whole band wagon
Trans rights
Thanks for 4k boys, shoutout to still ill and deep regrets. MIXTAPE COMING SOON
*ties husband's hands to headboard* *turns out lights* *opens laptop* "Welcome to my PowerPoint presentation 'Curtains: How About These?'"
you mean like that furry that had both his hand chopped off, but then that was from dry ice aye? with how clean a line it was around the guys wrists
it's even easier when you've fapped so much in the past that your hands have fallen off.
no fap isnt hard when you have fappers remorse
I try nofap eternity
Who Nofap November?
If a person communicates, but nobody cares, does it matter? Am I using unattainable goals for escapism? When will I be fully engaged and satisfied? What is best in life? Why do people think there's a why if there isn't? If there is a why what is it? Why do I wander I wonder. Wondrous, Wandero
I love old internet and I want it back.
I just want a girl to sit on my face while I rethink my life
What goes "Clop clop clop, bang bang bang, clop clop clop"? An Amish drive-by shooting.
My first workout back at the gym was great. I did 15 mins of cardio, 10 mins on the defibrillator, and then 3 days in the hospital.
That was a weak one
I'll take "Much ado" for $1000, Alex. Answer: "John Wayne...Jeff Bridges... Donald Trump." "Who are The Duke, The Dude, and The Douche."
does it do over theway joker becomes the joker from the way he lost his wife, and roped /forced in to be the driver for a robbery gone wrong and then that decent into madness?
yes, joker was nice but dont go into the theater expecting a lot of action.
The only way to combat Mexican cartels is to make them behead an alien and then watch the ayy lmaos try their best to hunt down druggies in the mexican forest.
Anyone watched 'Joker'?
That faggot, ruined that game for us, more so /pol/ ruined that hand sign for us. But nah fucking double standard on that surprised it didnt happen sooner than it did
>imagine thinking the web is a yank only space
I was promised Right Wing Death Squads if Trump got elected. I feel lied to.
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