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thanks mario
"It was an amazing experience to work with Michael Jackson, who is a legend." - Mario Vazquez
Behind every great man is a great woman. Way behind. Because men are faster.
"It's the Jews" is the right-wing version of "it's the cis white males" - both sides are cancer.
Just that one connection alone completely discredits everything about Le Pen. I don't care what her stance is on Islam, Liberalism, or anything else at this point. All of the world's problems come from the same (((source))) at the end of the day. Doesn't even matter what side of the spectrum ur on.
Don't get too excited. This Yellow Vest Revolt in France is apparently being orchestrated by Aleksander Dugin and his "Nazbols". It appears to be an elaborate con to sell Marine Le Pen to the French Public as some hero. Le Pen had a daughter with an actual Mossad Agent. That should tell you...
Oh shit, real world event happening? Not in oz so I'm out but still really cool.
If youre in sydney tomorrow, look out for dark red shield stickers around the hay market, bars, and just scattered around the city in general. See one? Let me know and let @outburst_it on twitter know too. You may just get a retweet. Provide pics for bonus points :^)
Post proof @ganons.
Stormfront should change its name to Fedfront. Don Black has to be getting paid in backroom deals to shill this hard for Trump, who is also the most zionist POTUS in history. He never really cared about stopping White Genocide. I despise that man. David Duke too.
Torba has his shills going out on all his critics, including me, however I have gotten them to question of their members of the sidephase gang of being my informant. I will post later on, Torba is threatening to sue me for libel. Wish me luck. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Obama worst president ever! What is the lesson of the Obama administration: never let a nigger be president ever again. Send them all back to Africa where they belong.
>looking more into options to be with eachother more permanently >looking at the different visas >all of them cost quite a bit of money >many hoops and easily confusing/unclear grey areas >pay per application which is not always guaranteed >time between application and it getting viewed can expire
Gotta say too, the thing that's funny about this is that faghater Anon is pushing against what is most likely to be a man and woman from being together. Maybe this is all a sysop for the homosexual agenda he secretly wants to push. I'm onto you, dick sucker.
Well, this is different. What's going on here today? Give me the quick rundown, I'm at work.
Things, i just want something good in my life to last
Didn't Oznon just point out that they're not gay? You might want to look a few posts down. From what I can tell it's actually more likely that they're a girl. An Anon with similar typing habits who claims to be female was posting yesterday. Your amount of disdain for gays feels like projection bro.
Where can I ship that rope? You really need it badly
Mate, i just want thing not go tits up, theres too much bs thats gone on from funerals, my shit getting almost completely fucked by my family and all the stress ive been under is fucked, i just want my life to start looking up, there is only so long i can ake with *looking on the brighter side of..
You have my condolences Anon. That sounds fucking awful to be in a sticky situation with. How they can deport someone who's married or has kids is just fucked from a moral standpoint. I'll read about this some more online and if I can find anything, I'll post it here if I think it would assist.
You're everything that's wrong with the world ozzy. Beta pajama boy. listen to the way you talk, like a whiner. and to think that country was made by some of the hardest men on earth. and you are what got squirted out. pathetic, just pathetic. Willing to bet you even use nail polish
Even staying one day over on a holiday visa can land a 3 year ban from entering aus, and if that were to happen, tbh id think id end up necking myself
I agree, that is the most /pol/ thing I've read outside of that shit hole board all week. Partner is interchangeable with girlfriend/boyfriend, and as a rule of thumb, a lot of adults prefer that term because it sounds less childish and much more serious than the aforementioned girlfriend/boyfriend.
@Anon at 10:44am there is a couple but again if were even to end up married with kids years into living in aus, he could still be booted out of aus if he looses and cant get another job, and the only free way is ti seek asylum but i dont think thatll happen cause 'not from wartorn country'
Im no homo, but whats so wrong with saying partner? Why do u assume it gay straight off the bat?, im just an aussie who wants thier pommie to live with me down under
Who's to say that the Anon in question isn't a chick referring to a guy? Who's to say that the Anon in question isn't a dude referring to a chick? If someone saying "partner" automatically makes you go "it's the faggots" you're beyond autistic. This is your brain on /pol/.
who in the fuck said girlfriend, this is a buttfucking queer who needs to fudge pack and wants his 'partner' there 24/7. NO ONE in the world likes queers, they can't breed, but we still don't want the aids carriers within miles of us. good thing is they do die because of their godless lifestyle
What in the fuck? 7000$? How? Does anyone actually do this? Are there other options for you and your gf? I want details???
Why does the love tax have to be a real thing, i just want to be with my partner in Australia but thisll financially destroy both of us. If you're curious as to what it is, Google partner visa for moving to Australia.
@fagbait,, yea man but it fucking sucks when it gets revealed you're a grill, had it in a discord server where we all shot the shit like crazy but then after that the entire way you get treated changes and its like what the fuck?? Its lonely thing tbh fam, online is better kept with assume a guy ;w;
what if there was no hentai
Just noticed that gay bait poster below too lol. Iktf friend, only it's for dick instead of pussy. Probably has something to do with having a quiet demeanour and babyface in my case. Btw, is Outburst officially confirmed for one of the forbidden realms where females exist online if you're to go by?
Also lol @ People below complaining about outburst and saying how they're going to leave the place for 4chan. Don't forget that as soon as you post on a site saying "I'm leaving" that you're officially here forever :^)
Very very fucking likely, yes. I don't know jack-shit about comics, but even I'd heard of Stan Lee before the man died. He had a certain gift when it came to creating characters. Whether or not spiderman would be the same spiderman we know today though is up for debate.
What if Stan Lee worked at DC comics instead of Marvel comics? How popular and different would DC comics have been? Would DC have been the home of Spider-man instead of Marvel?
yes ur rite outburst is gay xdDDxXDD thatd why we're bothering to post about it on the site itself XDD ebin
@Anon There's definitely more than 4 - 5 people who post here. This isn't a social networking site, and it is not necessarily supposed to move fast. The reason why it's not catching on is because it isn't shilled hard enough. The two people who own it only work on it when they have the time.
Tfw gay bait but not gay,, fuck id pull so much pussy if I were. Also fuck tumblr, it fucked how they demand and bitch fir other sites to change into tumblr 2 when they dont even look into what the site is and how things are done there
Ganons, lightseeker and everyone on this site is Gay AF and this site is lame AF. Time to go back to 4chan.
Shame, reality bears no resemblance to anything #ganons has ever said. What is it? like 4-5 people who just post here? this place isn't really catching on. and is only a place to vent into the void. In actually it serves no purpose unless you can upset someone. need pr0n, stat
Torba believes the only way to get rid of the worst shitlords is by doxxing everyone to the feds. The flaw in this plan is the worst of them were already using swarm proxies to spam the fuck out of the place and each new betrayal only angers them more. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
n that whole tumblr thing is a huge fucking mess yeah lol. wonder what the outburst admins think of it. maybe theyll make an alternative or something?
r9kanon is based and realitypilled.
Like trying to find that will to live?
get your head out of your ass, for your sake, please, there are better and more meaningful things to worry about.
born with auto immune diseases. whats the point of whining about it and reinforcing your hateful attitude in a circlejerking fashion through bullshit incel pseudoscience? there are billions of people in the world and you know but a fraction.
you have not been forced by anyone. it is your choice what you do with your life, noone owes you shit. yeah genetic lottery is unfair. boohoo. there are people born without legs and hands and a face. there are people with massive predisposition to cancer, there are people...
So how about that dumpster fire that is tumblr
#Ganons can't talk right now, he's busy dealing with Torba paid shills who are attacking him on Gab. But here's a little information from him. Sidephase gang members are all Torba paid shills on Gab, except the user known as GBC_Dude who might be a FBI agent or FBI informant. Enjoy the show
Joke-bot is best boi
Joke-bot posts really fucking brighten my day sometimes.
Knock Knock Who's there ! Ankansas ! Ankansas who ? Ankansas though any piece of wood !
How do you comfort a grammar nazi? There, their, they're.
I'm 12 and what is this.
What are you fucking talking about? Nothing has changed, gayboy.
shrink these mutherfucking boxes back down to where the fuck they were. WHO THE FUCK do you think you fucking are? Some type of site god or something, FUCK YOU INCEL
https://imgur.com/1wTMWmK outburst keychain, just gotta workout the best way to print it for best results
So is ur mom lol
#GAnon is fake and gay
Ganons is right about Gab, let's not forget about Enron back in the early 00s. What Enron did back then and what happened could very well be the same with Gab. So like my friend says trust the information and follow the $$$$. Enjoy the show.
Torba hasn't answered a tough question about Gab since the last transparency report in May 2018. He is banning anyone who asks him questions about the report. He is trying to hide the truth from everyone on Gab. Gab is a ghostship ran by spambots. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Ganon is still here. Saw him post not long ago. Scroll down you lazy fucking faggot.
Where's this Ganon person at? He stopped posting on here? Is he ok? Did Torba get him the Clinton treatment? I hope to see more of his post, he is red pill on the issue of Gab. Ganon please come back. Keep us woke please.
Tho i didn't uv and do all that jazz for the robot boi, just fixed a few issues for it to clip together in a couple places, but it still has very lil leway for the ball joints to it
Boi is now finished (not much difference in high and average quality in print) and I used maya to do the edits to the model, but i also use zbrush and 3d coat to do retopo and uvs. http://imgur.com/sHEk77R
Looking good Anon. Which 3D modelling software do you use?
http://imgur.com/ckHbtQz compare of greenboi and tweaked chests in the natural pla colour, just have his hips and thighs left to print but been fun figuring out the best way to print the parts to get a higher quality result with the supports and making sure new edits show nice
Also making small progress on side thing that i cant show till after chrissy, might turn it into a keychain when i figure out how to do molding
Doing a reprint of chest to emphasize the detail ive added to the chest, but the scale of him is too small for if i add the deception badge on his chest. Also doesn't quite show detail too well in the natural filament colour but will be doing a compare pic next to the green protoboi
Eagerly awaiting printer anons update on the robot.
Don't be a sad cunt Anon, be a sick cunt.
that's what all hosts feel like when infected with parasites. You have syphilis? If not the quit acting like a brain dead zombie.
I feel like im dying from the inside out
Torba will go to prison for securities fraud based on his deception regarding Gab's usage, even if the inevitable civil case against him by Bowers victims fails. There is nothing Torba can do to stop the truth from coming out about Gab. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Because baby boomers are too cowardly and we're spoilt by their own parents so they think that they can do no wrong. They're responsible for every single part of what is wrong with the world at this point in time.
GAnon is fake and gay, Sidephase squad is Judge Dread's excuse for not being liked.
Why do all the baby boomers think and blame millennials for the reason why America is going down the toilet?
Saturn was not a very well selling console in the grand scheme of things. Not outside of Japan anyways. That may have something to do with it.
I heard from a friend of mine that a long time ago, there was supposed to had been a resident evil 2 game made for the Sega Saturn but never happened. Why was that?
"Sidephase gang" "lightseeker" nigga, am I in 2003 again? What's with these fucking names? 1337h4x0rz groups up in this bitch or something? You're all a bunch of autists.
>Sidephase Gang won Ladies and gentlemen, we got em
Sidephase gang may have won the day by stopping operation bullfrog and typhoon. But they can't stop #Ganons from telling the truth about Gab. Btw sidephase gang needs to tell the Gab user known as GBC_Dude to stop pissing off the baby boomers or he will get banned by Torba. Enjoy the show
#Ganons is fake and gay lel
Torba is mad that he could not get tumblr users to leave Tumblr and sign up on Gab. He is now regretting banning weeaboos from Gab to attract baby boomers. He now realize that the baby boomers are not the answer to save Gab from failure. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
https://imgur.com/a/RONfoxt done some tweaks to the chest and shoulder parts, just gotta see how they look printed, made the boi more to a pianola. not sure if ill end up tweaking and changing the rest of the model yet.
Totally none homosexual partner of 3D printing anon here: We're printing robot boi 2.0 in high quality. Will be sure to share some pictures of him when we're done. I've fixed a few fitment issues with his keyboard/arms and a couple of other structural issues should be addressed too. ETA: 2 days tops
>implying that africa and france aren't the same place at this point
*toto - africa playing*
my sides
To: Anon 3 Dec 2018 ‖ 10:08 PM I hear tell they actually don't want you back and if you test them it's back to darkest africa for you.
The French are some of the worst fucking people on this planet. I swear. If I ever set foot in that asshole of a country again it'll be too soon.
Macron is a vile scum. All the French hate him. Got to go!!!
Shoutout to #Lightseeker and @Ganons because they aint scared of shit
@laptop anon, is yours a think pad boi?
Antifa has already have the information about sidephase and his friends. There's no reason for me to dox any of them. @Ganon just sit back and relax, they can not ban us from Gab. As for S all I can say is enjoy the show. Especially with what will happen to Gab with operation typhoon. Enjoy the show
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