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I want my slimegirl threads back. MUH AESTHEDICKS
I miss fur friday on /b/ and /d/, i miss the times when /d/ wasnt just entirely futas
Also, /b/ has always been shit. It was just slightly less shit years ago. The people saying "x is the cancer killing /b/" are the cancer themselves. /b/ is already dead.
Last time I checked, yeah. Cripplechan has always been a glorified edgy version of leddit mixed with 4chan though. The website as a whole is kind of doomed as a concept from the start.
Talking about 4chan, I heard that 8chan has been taken over by baby boomers, is that true?
Hey dude, pull my cock!
Browsing 4chan in the current year is literally Facebook tier you fucking normies. I remember when /b/ wasn't shit and we actually did stuff aside from post trap threads and "rate my cock" threads. You're all the cancer killing 4chan.
SMS = Autistic Grade Schooler Mega Drive = Angsty High Schooler Saturn = Proficient yet Even More Autistic University Student Dreamcast = Suicidal 30 year old Doomer
How do you say virgin in German? Goodentite
Guy below more or less has it. I use it as an extension of the 4chan generals I'm already a part of.
Pretty much skype/msn/game chat etc, where you make, join servers to group chat people with similar interests/hobbies. Majority of the threads on 4chan have a discord server that you can join and you can be in multiple servers if you want aswell as just talk 1 on 1. Its free, but nitro you can use
@4chan user . I am already deleting all of my social media accounts as we speak. What is discord? I already know what 4chan is. But I have no idea what discord is.
Definitely not Anon. Take the no-socialmedia pill. I did it, and I exclusively use 4chan, outburst, and discord for all of my social interactions now. Twitter, normiebook, etc are all fucking dying anyway. Don't deactivate your shit either - just outright delete it.
Is it weird that I want to delete all my social media accounts? It feels like social media just sucks nowadays and not as fun as it use to be.
Torba is banning users who triggers baby boomers on Gab. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Well we did but also wanted to really get back into 3d and doing more with my 3d printer has fun tweaking the tusk model which is down quite a few posts and before bumble bee came out,, got one idea for gondala that turns into a dick and gen1 mlp big brother pony to turn into robo boi
Also, what the fuck's with all the transformers posts. Did you guys see bumblebee and go on a nostalgia trip or something?
Could make a basic transformer, or complicated one that just turns into a ball shape, and from there, you could use it as a base and add detail to it and make a whole universe of transformers with all of the different planets. In our solar system with Saturn's rings and stuff becoming weapons for...
Dildoformer with a pocketpussy combiner. Serious tho.. Toilet, coffin that transforms into a skeleton, tombstone, robotic animals like bats or dragons, watches (bonus if they work), warhammer vehicles, crossover stuff with other franchises.
What would be some cool transformer ideas thats not just car, plane etc. Going to start looking into making own boi
most of this ganons and Q crap comes directly from a prick called Neon Revolt. Who laughs at the ones buying into it. Ain't that right Neon?
Who even is Q? I have heard of that name before. Isn't this nigga somewhat famous, or is this someone just parroting his posts? If legit Q, post about you sharing shit on Outburst. I don't wanna get jewed.
Q is fake and gay. Just like Ganon and lightseeker is fake and gay.
Trump is draining the swamp by the Government shutdown, the American people are starting to wake up from the lies of the democrat party. They are starting to see who truly is loyal to America and who is not. Trust the plan.
Be sure to use the word "irony" correctly. It means when something's, you know, just weird.
almost pedo-tier but both adult age, but the wouldn't it be going more into the statutory age thing? so 24 and ex is like 36? still cant believe it didn't raise the flags it should've.
what makes the whole panty size thing even worse was the premuch 10 age gap but small sized underwear is what that means @Anon 9 Jan ‖ 07:08 AM
>when your gf buys you a fucking quakeblast for your birthday and gives you it early because we're both impatient autists
Christ, you faggots are depressing. The fuck you talking about with panty sizes and shit lol?
Shoo~be-doo shoo~shoo~ be-doo
Trust in #Ganons, he tells us the truth just like Qanon tells us the truth! Trust them both trust the information and the plan!
Thats not really news there friendo
If you want new news, here's one. Majority of Gab users are baby boomers and bots. And after that shooting, Gab has been not the same since. So if anything you should listen to what Ganons says about Gab. Enjoy the show
Thats old news like the porn of the twitter bird become known to normies
Gab has been exposed as a pump and dump site targeting boomers and Trump supporters. The CEO is trying his best to deal with damage control. And the PA GA is also almost done with the investigation of SEC fruad. Torba will be in a orange jumpsuit real soon. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Fuck, there were so many red flags in that relationship but the only thing that truly killed it was getting call mum, not the fuck pride in how small my panty size was or the age gap, that really should've been a big one with it like 10yrs ☠
Also feels like a tumblr story anon below... but is a shitty feel when you get ones where they threaten to kill themselves if you leave them.
I yr. later he blew his head off. Yr. after that his sister killed herself. Now one brother left to inherit millions. 5 yrs later, My moral is: did I contribute to this? Death was quick, but for survivors it never stops. I do not coddle the ones that couldn't finish the race. They need to be shamed
-> Somethings not right. He was a rich kid, expected things to be given to him. I had invited him to my place, I see I have to end it NOW and take him home. he almost planted both feet in my dash. Last words "you wanna know what the voices were saying in my head..." NO I just wanna go home. ->
I ran with a guy since 14, total hellraisers. We would be mountain men in earlier time. We tried living together, but he beat me up month 4- moved out. We continued seeing each other he hospitalized me after he had a bottle of wild turkey. fast forward 30 yrs, I apologize. we get together to talk ->
I know, the only reason i never followed through was because 'even more of a disappointment to friends/family' so it was just a case of trying to deal with all the internal screaming that making vocal noise couldn't drown it out.
Anyone have any idea what happened with Ganons and Lightseeker? I haven't seen them post in nearly a week now I don't think. Are they dead? Did the cia niggers finally get them?
Not worth killing yourself over a faggot Anon. Killing yourself is an admittance of defeat, and the last thing you ever want to do is let people like that beat you. It just further enables them to fuck more lives up at a later date.
Into a darkspot to very much considering poisoning self with drain cleaner until i meet a sweet bunch of mates online with the same interests in dragons/storytelling. So could've been one dead lass since at that point id also just cross roadways and accept if i get run over or not :/
..extra help/privileges when you didnt and infact got much fuckin less' then went into the whole superior thing and not takibg youre help/advice and holding/pushing back your own skills. Then to the guilt trips and feelings of having to stay for obligations so at the end of like 3 years thing got...
@kid_ikrus when things started he wasnt a teacher but then got into the aid then into stand alone teacher; also not having been in a relationship before when into the whole 'you should prolly date since it's something youre ment to do' was alright for a few months other than the 'assumption of ...
Shit happens @kid_ikarus. Not the Anon you're responding to, but emotions get involved and shit gets hairy sometimes. Iktf, you probably ktf. We all do shit when we're younger that we look back on and think "shouldn't have done that." Anon just learned the hard way.
It's been legalized! Seattle and Denver will be sharing a Super Bowl!
Why the fuck would you ever think it would be a good idea to date someone who's job is literally being an authoritative figure in some form? It's in the nature of people like that to be an absolute shitheel, it's why they get jobs like that in the first place so they can abuse their position.
Did you hear about the big marijiauna company scandal? They were putting drugs in there products
You got a good point there anon, but gotta add not falling for the whole 'youre goals should be met before 20 with a house and marriage' also dont date the teacher, shit gets so fucked behind the scene with that
I've been thinking a lot lately about how much of my life I wasted in my teen years, and how I could have been so much more than I am today if I didn't do so. Remember kids, work hard, don't be a pussy, and make life suck your dick at all costs.
iktf anon, there's very few people in my life who've had that kind of impact, but those who have I will treasure forever.
Cute post, faggot.
Thank you to this one person in my life who has turned everything around. You'll be my brah forever, 100% homo
No more
Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.
What is love?
A good smol boi imgur.com/a/ByqV7H0 they eat ant and termite eggs/larvae and sadly dont live long in captivity. They can get over 30cm in length and also are known as slow worms and flowerpot snakes
Bf at 60kg various horse feeds weigh 20-30 with every second day pulling 3 square jerry cans (30 liters) of water over 100 meters to the horse shed over uneven ground from dogs digging up the grounds.
Do you use your partner as weight for workouts? Ive been starting to to get my leg gains back, but still need to get better arm gains. As much as lifting and moving horse feeds around help, its just not cutting it anymore. Any suggestions to better lift bf for arm gains?
Bit late, but sup Anon? What fucked your day up? My day is going pretty well. Gf and I just got up and we're making breakfast and drinking tea. Gotta move some pictures to the computer and think up a username today among getting some of her coursework done.
I had a really shit day at work today. Whats up guys?
Post the links Anon, I love snakes and lizards. @beyblade Anon, buy one. You won't be disappointed. Beyblades were fucking awesome.
Also found a rare safe boi today, a pink tailed blind snake (easily mistaken for a brown snake at first glance) a cute boi that had stuck shedding on it head and couldnt see. I can post pic links if anyone is interested.
YES, same here but in auz, i had the cheap asian knock off with metal attachment that fucked up the kids that had real ones, i think i still have it and i think it was like some kind of dragon/horse/phoenix hybrid sticker on it
Get one Anon. You can get one from your childhood on ebay, and get the exact one you always wanted for practically fucking nothing. They were a great craze. I remember as a kid finding the little power up plastic bit from the middle of a beyblade and thinking I'd won the fucking lottery.
Iktf too Anons. I've been wanting a fucking beyblade for like 15 or 20 years now. I grew up in a pretty deprived area in the UK, and went to a school in a richer area, and all of the other kids had them. Only reason I didn't get one now as an adult is because I think it'd be kinda lame on my part.
No sarcasm btw. Despite not using it in any way, looking at it reminds me of a distant time in my life, and also that I'm growing older, and I think that's a good thing. It's good to reminisce over seemingly pointless stuff sometimes. Shows how much we've grown over the years.
Fuuuuuuuck, I know exactly that feeling Anon. I always wanted a certain toy as a kid but because we were poor I couldn't get it, and it was a transformer as well. Ultra magnus to be exact. I got one a few years ago and he lives on my desk with a bunch of miscellaneous shit these days. Glad I got it.
Anyone ever have a toy they really wanted as a kid and now, as an adult, you kinda' have that deep down inner child telling you to just get it? I remember my transformers collection I had when I was a wee lad, and looking on eBay, they'd collectively be worth a few grand if I still had them. Crazy.
Check their Twitter @Outburst_it, they just responded to you @Anon, lol.
That really makes me wonder. Who exactly *owns* Outburst? Anyone know?
Friendly reminder that Outbursts founders are more likely than not to be millennials than boomers. That's kind of proof enough that not all millennials are lazy pieces of shit if that's the case.
>implying anyone here is intelligent enough to read
A Boomer is a boat that travels underwater and can deliver enough megatons to destroy communists. A Baby boomer is a term used to describe a person who was born between 1946 and 1964. Read A history of God by Karen Armstrong to learn the origins of Mohammedanism ie 40 days in the desert
I agree. Islam is a cancer. The fact that their religion is stuck in the fucking 1600's still isn't only backwards as all hell, it's straight up dangerous, and something needs fucking doing about it. It has no place in the western world.
Sikhs are cool tho, the original remove kebab, that are cool with other religions except for muslims
on the issue of Islam and to be honest and truthful about the religion of peace. Islam is a religion of war. The history of Islam has always been a religion of war for the past 1400 years. I believe that it will be the death of mankind one day. Just my thoughts on the issue of Islam.
Retards define boomers as anyone born in the 50's and 60's if I remember right @ other anon, but the real bracket is anyone born between the late 50's and early 70's. The first wave of boomers from the 50's raised even more boomers in the form of what sometimes crosses over into generation X.
48 would make him a boomer/genX'er, especially if he has kids. What are you on about you fucking faggot? I'm willing to bet a penny to a pound of shite that he's older than you.
Then what defines a boomer then anon? Cause it sounds like your doing the same
hey DUMBASS... 48 doesn't make you a boomer. it makes you a fucking excuse maker.
... tying into what the Anon below said too, people our age don't seem to realise that walking into a job isn't really a thing anymore, and the military isn't an option for a lot of millennials because they'll fail mental health tests because they're all depressed. I'm 48 & have kids if wondering.
... enough to survive on their own. Our generation uses our kids achievements as a means to show off to our friends. "My son goes to Harvard" "My son has done this or that". They are expected to be so much more than we ever were, and thats a lot on their shoulders that we never had on ours...
To say all millennials are lazy and get triggered by everything is pretty inaccurate. I've seen the way my friends treat their kids sometimes, and it's no wonder that this generation hate us. A lot of them are stressed out because they don't want to disappoint us, but we haven't raised them well...
Trains could be good but its not a guaranteed death and high chance of being even more of a burden to society
wanna know a bad thing in today's society? You actually can't tell these filthy damn lazy millennials to go blow their brains out, because they can't find a gun to do it with. "Report says he stabbed emself twice in the back" Gotta do it the leaving las vegas way. We can't get rid of em, ever.
Yes I am a American. And yes my cousin served in Vietnam and never talked about it when he got back and he was little messed up in the head, but he did come back with a Asian beauty as his wife. I miss him. He died last summer from a heart attack in his sleep from what I heard. Well good night.
Nope, but are you a yank by any chance? Defence here isnt as easy to just go into in Aus, still have a heap of physicals and tests to pass and if you reveal youve got health issues, you've got buckleys of getting to the next round of interviews needed for it
I assume that you are a young kid who is still wet behind the ears. And if you can't find a job you lazy fuck just join the military and make a career out of it like my cousin did. Sure he was a little messed up after the war, but he made something out of himself and lived a decent life.
Would also like to know what age you assume me to be
Have you tired looking into current jobs and the requirements needed for them, you cant work from the bottom up anymore, even shelf stacking you need papers for it.
Stop making excuses for not having a job, when I was your age I was able to go to trade school, get a union Job and buy a house, get married and have kids. You millennials are fucking stupid and lazy and will never measure up to the greatness of us Baby boomers. Your generation are just useless.
Tho i did have a good shitty job till my knee fucked over and i got 'let go' as they thought id do workers comp (didnt tho, but at least im not coughing up black shit anymore and dont finish work smelling like yak piss) fuck it was good pay tho
Fuck ....*wouldnt say all,
I would say all, but its sure fun to be both under and over qualified for a job where a peice of paper means more than the actual hands on experience you have and to also land yourself in debt to get the growing qualifications for a job to then be turned down for cheaper labour that cant do the work
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