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Irl stuff had been stacking up a little, but i still lurk and post here and there.
How you been scorpion bro? Not seen you post here for a while. You well?
oh no it's the fucking scorpion poster
I got to see it actually snowing for the first time in my life the other day πŸŽ‰πŸ¦‚
life's good
aroma coffee sucks
tails was pretty cute
Anyone else watched the new sonic movie? I quite enjoyed it and the pixel credits were cute and nicely done. I hope it does well since it looks like its ended for a possible follow up movie.
It sure feels good to get paid to draw and even a slight bit more for porn. Heck may even start to chug out 3d bust commissions soon too so that skill doesn't go to waste
Have sex, incel.
Mate you're the one thats jumped to that, COPE HARDER
Dude I talked about several years of work but now I'm a quitter cause I don't wanna hear advice from a buncha prejudiced coomers who think porn isn't shit art by default and can't even bother googling a word before talking shit. Believe what you want.
I miss it too, life has been hard and even harder to get into the whole wageslave life to just be able to feed and home yourself. On other news, im slowly working through a couple of commissions ones 4 kobolds for an anons story and the other is a kobold railed by a dragonborn 3 times her size.
Gotta love how this site springs to life the second one person shows up and says something that apparently pisses everyone off for some stupid fucking reason. Why does nobody start conversation here anymore? I miss it. You niggas been slacking. Get back to discussing weird shit like we used to.
The fuck is the sweat talk? You mean sweet? If so, then no. There are people who post here saying they're depressed who we have all told to fuck off, but there are people who've posted here when depressed who we've all tried to pick back up. You're only the former because you choose to be.
Its not sweet talk, if vented and said it to start that you didn't want to take it further, then you wouldn't be making a bitch of yourself now. Its clear your set in your ways. Cope harder
Do you do the SWEAT talk every time someone says he's depressed or his life is shit? Sometimes you just want to go somewhere and vent because that's all you got left. I'll stop apologizing for myself since it's so annoying, maybe I'll just tell people to fuck off next time.
>already know the kind of people trying to help* are you sure about this buddy it sounds more like butthurt >dont have the right to talk about this* you brought this up and didn't expect conversation to go from this from how dead here has been. Is been dead here what did you expect?
I personally do not think that someone with your attitude *is* capable of ever being a professional artist, I actually agree with you. Quitters never make it in this industry. Autism and dedication are what make the best artists. Ignoring the offers of help from posters here is a huge mistake imo.
"Standards for porn" - compare the loud house MS paint deviantart inflation porn to well-drawn porn by an actual skilled artist. There are definitely standards for porn in the art world. Some people shouldn't draw pornography if their style and skill-level doesn't fit. You are wrong.
Also doesnt make me uncomfortable, more so to try and get a better idea on it. You cant expect not to get questioned on this for giving up when all you reply is *im just shit*
It doesn't make me uncomfortable. You just keep going on about it. Either post something or don't keep repeating the same "I'm shit" over and over again without presenting evidence as to why you're shit. I don't see the point in complaining about something unless you're aiming to fix it.
And sorry but I'm above anyone who thinks there are standards for porn to begin with. I already know what kind of people are trying to give advice here, you don't have any right to talk about this subject, let alone give advice. I'm done.
Are you positive about that? Are you hiv positive?
I never wanted any help from the bunch of strangers here, I just wanted to vent but I had to justify myself for a dozen posts. I replied as a courtesy and now you tell me it's annoying. You just don't wanna hear that someone gave his best shots for years and failed cause it makes you uncomfortable.
Based Fulltime
Btw to clarify, I am not one of the previous posters who have been talking to you, but I have been reading this for the last few hours and I agree that your bitching is tiresome. There's nothing wrong with venting, but if you're unwilling to take on help then how the fuck do you expect to get better
I can't tell you shit without seeing your work. There's absolutely 0 point in me telling you to draw porn if I feel like your skill level isn't high enough. As for trade/marketing secrets, again, this is entirely dependant on your skill level and your style. Just post your stuff, dude.
Suppose I post my portfolio and it's amazing, or it's actually shit. Then what? Are you even capable of giving me advice that isn't 'draw better' or 'just draw porn dude' as if there were any point to this talk besides getting a picture, any picture? Do you have free talent coupons or trade secrets?
Ken Done's stuff is shit by most people's standards, but he probably became the most well-known artist in Australia at one point.
Why don't you look up ken done and tell me yours is still shit.
Nothing wrong with accepting you can't do some shit, but having this "poor ass me" attitude about it and crying about it like a bitch ain't gonna help you improve nigga. Try and draw something original and show us it. I ain't gonna sugarcoat it for you. I'll tell you what's up and offer some tips.
A life thing then try a different medium, i know plenty of people who care better at 3d/lighting/rigging/etc than they are at drawing.
It sounds like youve not changed it, its not an overnight thing, its not one that can change in a few months, picking out the positive to get a better outlook in not just drawing takes a long time. post an example on imgur and link it. If you dont want to draw then dont, but if you wanted that to be
Anon there's nothing to change. My work sucks. That's it. I've changed my mindset to try again and again a million times. My work sucks, people don't like it. All I'm left with is a hobby when I wanted it to be my life. I don't get why everyone's adamant about denying that sometimes you just lose.
>i got this mindset after a decade of failure* change it, everyone has the capacity to change thier mindset, pull yourself out from it and break that wall down, thats your issue and nothing will change until you change it, no communities will, no other people will, you gotta do it.
Nothing changes until you change that and im serious on how much it plays a massive roles that also bleeds out into every other thing you do. Thats the key fam, stop with the self deprecation stick, its hard and i still do it myself but ive made an effort to reduce it and you gotta too
Why do you say too quick? I got to this mindset after a decade of consistent failure. If anything I should have realized much earlier.
By going everything i do fucking sucks, change it, be a yea, my drawing fucking sucks but i did this today, ween yourself out of the everything i do is shit and youll see a Change, but you really gotta push and be consistent with it can catch yourself out when you go straight into attacking yourself
Its not he enjoying art part im talking about, its more a choice of its you deciding to draw, i have time when i hate it, but i do it cause i want to. All im getting from this is that your too quick to break yourself down and thats why your suffering with it. Start on changing that.
Yeah that's one of the lines in the script. I don't get it how the intention of saying something to someone else is mutually exclusive with enjoying making art. Imagine someone writing a book just to put it in a drawer with no desire to tell that story to anybody, that sounds incredibly dry to me.
I know that it would only make me feel even worse. This is a script I've repeated many times, I know all the lines by heart.
*theres many valley's of suck (fuck i must be more mentality burnt out than i thought with all thoses spelling fuckups)
* yourself in general. I know this from experience too, sometimes just going into the fuck it attitude helps to help stop being self destructive in that personal view of yourself youve got. Its a journey and theresany valleys of suck to go through with art.
Yea mang, when youre ready we'll be here to help, but having a bigger picture look if your current mindset does help a lot. You should draw because you want to, it doesn't matter in the end to be in 'art communities' getting towards being ok with your own stuff takes a long time when changing to a
Your call dude, if you change your mind and want to show us then you know where we are :^)
It's distinctive and the themes are pretty specific. But mostly I just don't want to hear someone say don't be discouraged etc. yet again, and I wouldn't get anything new if someone said it sucks either. I've been through this scenario a bunch of times. I just wanted to vent some frustration, sorry.
I honestly think that you'd benefit from posting your stuff on outburst more than you would anywhere else. The community here is almost non-existent (so it's a small group), and the few people who are here tend to be a bit *too* honest if anything else.
I dunno man, I don't think that's the case at all. There's a surprising amount of artists who've come and gone on Outburst over the years. People here tend to be pretty brutally honest with their feedback. I don't get why you wouldn't be anonymous. Is your style very distinctive or something?
I wouldn't be anonymous. It doesn't matter anyway because the interest only comes up when I draw curiosity like it's happening here. At best someone will say something encouraging about the art which means nothing when the same person wouldn't even register its existence on a social media feed.
Not the last anon you were speaking to, but you should definitely draw something and post an imgur link for us to check out. I'm interested in seeing your art. Nothing to be embarrassed about here. We're all anonymous. You included.
I don't have anything online anymore. Some people tried to help me but my work just isn't appealing and I didn't fit in with the communities I was introduced to. I also have a shitty schizo personality that I can't hide well when things get personal. I'd be embarrassed to post anything here anyway.
Whats your page fam, sounds more like a mindset that's holding you back, im not active in any art communities either, but i follow ones that are more inspiration to what i strive to get close to skills wise.
Everything sucks so fucking much I hate that I cant even tell anyone how I really feel
No I'm not that type. Social media was always depressingly empty and I could never fit into art communities. I always feel like I'm wasting time somewhere I don't belong. I've tried different approaches but it all boils down to my art being not good nor interesting to begin with. The problem is me.
Also cater your online shit to what you inspire it to be, finding communities that help and build up is hard to find and get into, but if you cant find it, make it. Sometimes you have to be the change you want to see. Get out if that shitty mindset and make that change
were you the type to just draw the same thing over and over again without changing or taking a different approach? Try 3d or a different medium and then go back or do it along side the type you do. Youll be surprised how it can help. The valley of suck can be long and tedious, dont fall to quitter
My art sucks. A decade of work and it sucks. I could practice another 10 years and I would still suck. Even if the execution were decent, nobody likes the ideas to begin with. I'm a cripple whose reason to live was winning the Olympics. I wanted nothing but a thing I have no talent or taste for.
To the owner of this site, if you can read this: please remove "word-break" from the stylesheet and use "text-align: justify" instead.
The internet was the only way I had to escape this IRL shithole but now everything's fucked here too. Niche communities are just about sexual shit now. I'm so tired of seeing this shit. I fucking hate human beings so much and my life's unrecoverable because of it. I think that's it for me.
I wanted to type something like that, anon. I don't know what to make of this life. Everything I am is just wrong for these times, and the only life goal that would make me happy is unreachable. There are chances I was retarded all along. Just fail fail fail nonstop while shitty things/people win.
You're not alone on that anon, times are fucked
i'm so fucking tired of living. nothing is ever going to go the way i want anyway. ever since i was a kid it's been nothing but constant failures and it would take a goddamn miracle to fix my life at this point, but i don't live in a movie so i know it's never going to happen. fuck this stupid world
Another night alone? Ah yes
>implying that 2010 4chan is a bad thing
That's my thoughts too, sucks to take bits from both sides and be labeled worse than shit because you dont pick a side to be balls deep in.
Politics is just WWE for people who think they're intellectual
I believe in things that are "liberal" as well as things that are "conservative" but everyone else believes in the full packet of beliefs on one extreme or the other. So I can never talk openly and policing my speech 100% of the time is driving me insane. Please send me on another planet.
is it better to have just one, a couple or a few characters for it?
characters sleeping looks best to me!
Ding-dong diddly
How you like to see offline banners for streaming sites? Characters sleeping, just social media links/info or just plain offline that matches the theme of the stream
Joining the JIDF. Wish me luck.
throat hurt
Thats userbase my fren
The sites layout says ~inspirational~ but the content says 2010 4chan
honestly i've had it up to here with studying, i don't ever want to see a textbook again in my whole fucking life, i'd rather kill myself than have to study again, i literally can't take it
You are not alone.
Looks like we got a new namefag in here
if you really think that near is trans then you can fuck right off i've had enough of twitter trannies shitting on my favorite anime seriously go die
arknights ads suck
make sure to buy some non-perishable food soon boys. panic buying is gonna start in about 1 week
The Outburst domain registration anniversary is today. Say something nice about this horrible site.
HER name is MONI you FREAK
our true enemy has yet to real themselves...
i'll have have one of them vegan sosig rolls please la x
going greggs. you lads want anything?
The loathsome Jew is facing worldwide expulsion. Prepare for plague.
sucking a bowling ball
sucking a golfball
i love death
I love anime! Do you?
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