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So what else do you do Ganon?
Toko claims to have more users than Gab. But here's the numbers, claims to have over 1,000 active users but I only noticed that there are only under 50 active users on toko. So therefore Toko is a more of a failure than Gab. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
Pussy ass bitch
Tfw plan was to play through gta San Andreas with my partner but she seems very busy and I get too spooked to ask her if she wants a turn half the time. Weird, because we've been together forever now, but it's still a thing I struggle with, the whole asking thing.
"It's such an amazing thing to be loved for who you are." - Debra Winger
Holy shit my sides are in fucking orbit. Judge Judy is the best boomer entertainment.
In movies when people go underwater, I like to hold my breath and see if I would survive in that situation. I died in Finding Nemo.
This is what you get with retards from 4chan, is nice to see the wall going a little faster again tho
People post some of the most racist shit on here and it never gets taken down. I remember asking one of the admins called Snooper back when the site was in beta if they'd delete something if I said it, and I got "lol, no. go for it" in response. They seem pretty genuine in my experience.
im an admin and i wont stand for heterosexuals on this website
Outburst is centrist as far as I know. I've been here since beta, and I've not once seen the admins delete anything. They even used to leave spam up at one point I think. We really get a bit of everything from the far right and far left along with everything inbetween.
only lgbtq allowed
im gonna put a pass on outburst no right wing allowed!!!!!
fuck you
"Muh special secret club" is how websites die you brainlet.
no we dont go away
Now I think of it, Outburst is actually the answer to a lot of this. Just need more people hanging around here and a better system for organising posts and replies to posts.
Toko is a fucking shithole anyway. I don't get why someone would hang around any of these alt-right focused sites in the same way I don't get why anyone would hang around any alt-left sites. We don't need more right-wing Twitter clones, we need somewhere that everyone can talk together freely.
Hey everyone, back from my vacation. Here's what I heard from a informant who is a user on Toko. Supposedly the CEO of Toko is planning on stealing users from Gab to make Toko(dot)tech look like a better alternative to Gab. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
Disregard that, I suck cocks. My entire belief system is centred around hating niggers and gooks.
If you aint snoop or sys, what you playing at anon?
Are Ganons and Lightseeker still alive? Haven't seen them for a few days. Hope you're okay lads.
Show me a woman in a Tweety Bird t-shirt and I'll show you a woman who shoplifts in the grocery store.
If you're looking at this, I'll have to excuse myself for the language that is being used on Outburst. It's not what I endorse, but I do endorse free speech.
Everyone on the Internet is a faggot. That's like calling him human.
>implying youre not a faggot
>implying there are girls on outburst
"I could be a pretty girl, I'll wear a skirt for you" 🎶🎶
Based Outburst waifu.
That feel when you do a better job repairing jumpers than the job you paid a seemstress to fix. Im still mad at how shit a job she did
fucking disgusting
hmmm yes I love sex please show me your footsies... mmmhmmmm...
We met on strange circumstances all those years ago, but I'm still glad that we both checked into the same hotel together. Thanks for the last 7 or 8 years my dude, and here's to many more.
Newfags can't discopost.
Lil bit of fear mongering to slap on top
How does that work? Is it a different browser made by torba cause that just seems like unnecessary effort
The project known as "Dissenter" is a Browser that doxxes you to every site you visit by transmitting a Dissenter header, thereby associating you with Gab. Torba is a FBI Agent. Enjoy the show and as #Ganons would say trust the information and follow the $$$$.
In 1752, Benjamin Franklin invented electricity because it was no longer considered humane to execute people using an acoustic chair.
Okay jokefaggot, no need to ruin the fucking punchline you brainlet.
What do you call a bee that has been run over by a car? Bee flat Music joke for those who don't understand. B flat is a note.
Australia has been a shit hole since the early 2000s just seems to be getting worse if that's even possible
Who else is reading this in 2019?
Holy shit, influx of /g/ people. Did someone make a thread or something? Welcome.
Are you saying australia is a shithole?
So is australia the new america now?
just write about your days, the small things you've done, whats on your mind, anything that occurs
I wonder how people found this platform through /g/
Niggermania(dot)net/forum It's still alive and around.
here from /g/ 🦂 🦂 🦂
i dont know what to write
Toko(dot)tech is a (((alternative))) site just like Gab. A site that is dying from the beginning and barely even notice by the normies. It's a pump and dump site just like Gab. Enjoy the show and as #Ganons would say trust the information and follow the $$$$.
For some reason I'm only afraid of Middle Eastern spiders... It's O.K. though. My doctor says it's normal to be Iraqnaphobic.
What do you call a hipster with a vasectomy? A Fixie.
There are two types of people in the world... 1. People who masturbate 2. Fucking Liars
normie as fuck. not even a joke.
I'll sleep when my iPhone's dead.
"We are so bound together that no man can labor for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mold the universe." - Jerome K. Jerome
dude its :quote: in the namefield
penis enlargement pills
@Lightseeker nobody gives a fuck about you. We want Ganons! And nobody gives a fuck about this gbc dude! Now give us Ganons you fucking bitch!
penis loma
I'll be your friend.
>implying I have friends
yo mister /g/, invite your friends
@GBC_Dude is a retarded ass fool. Just look at his latest post on Gab. Don't he know that nobody wants to respond to his retarded ass post? Not even Torba is responding to the fool's post. GBC_Dude is a fool for being Torba's shill. Enjoy the show. #Ganons is taking a vacation right now.
Hello from /g/.
GBC_Dude is a retard
Regretting that I didn't install a GPS locator on the baby, because man this Hooters is a big place.
You gotta just have :joke: in the name/command feild anon
entertain me :joke:
I have noticed that a particular user has made a return to Gab. I have no doubt that this user known as GBC_Dude is a shill for Gab paid by Torba in the past. I believe that this user is back on Torba's payroll to attract more retards to join Gab. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
Little scorpion just living its little scorpion life ☄🦂
what the fuck are you posting anon. please enlighten me to what the fuck this shit is about.
This is the power of autism
Torba is getting ready to go pull the plug on Gab and start a new scam to con the boomers out of their money. The project is a web browser that is designed for the cuckservative boomer retards to use and make them think that they are being badasses. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
#Ganons don't listen to the cuck who just posted, we need you to keep us updated on any sly tricks Torba or people alike might be pulling/trying to pull. Also @ anon below: don't you have anything better to do than to post here?
@Ganons why are you even doing this? When it comes down to it, the alt right and conservatives suck at creating social media sites, so why you wasting yours and everyone else time on this bullshit. Go out and get married and go be a family man. Do something productive with your life.
@TrevorGoodchild @JudgeDread @Oblivia @313Chris @Oblivia on Gab are also some of my sources as well, and I have many more as well. Just please be patient with the rest of my sources I will be giving you all as well. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
I have 0 doubts in Ganons being right either but anon below raises some good points. What if, just maybe, what if, Ganons is just plucking this shit out of the air? I agree. I'd like multiple unbiased sources for proof. More sheep doesn't solve the bigger problem.
Dont need more sheep yknow
Ye but just to see multiple sources is nice, doesn't create a possible bias if this was about something else. Ive got no doubts on ganon, but would be cool to see multiple info instead of it all from one person
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