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Iktf anon, i feel that big feel
I want to pass on life.
we shall see
Did you get a pass tho?
lol i got raped by my test
I had never been cared about until i has something worth caring for, and its gonna get ripped away from me. Id rather be a stranger with no home to go to if it means i can keep my happiness ive never had until now
Not that anon, but you can't miss what you've never had.
It's either being cared about for a moment in your life, versus never being cared about. Which one do you prefer?
I would take that in a heartbeat than have my happiness ripped away from me by people who are supposed to care about you
I want to go back home. Issue is, I don't have one. I'm a stranger anywhere I go.
I dont want to go back home
Its not that easy anon, you still gotta build up your reliability. Furry commissions aint the golden ticket you think it is.
>imagine being this much of a faggot that you're not tapping into the gold of the autism in the furry fandom
Nice, id like to get back more into the 3d stuff and doing bust commissions would be a nice start before going into more full body ones. Im just not sure what would be good prices with it also taking like a week or two to get it to match the reference. Ive got one in the works but its a surprise and
furries go away
Oh and btw I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but it took the artist a week to complete. They kept me informed a lot too. Apparently they were doing one part of each day on my commission, another part of the day on someone else, and then another persons too. They do it as a full time thing.
Digital is still expensive to be honest. I paid over 150 for a bust of my wolf oc a while ago, but it did have color and was from a well known artist. I was told I'd have to pay more because of how detailed he was because of his mane and ear fluff and all.
Digital, sadly my printer has karked it
A digital 3D model or an actual real life 3D printed bust?
Why does Waldo wear stripes? He doesn't want to be spotted.
Sounds low tbqh
I was thinking around 80$ with it also poly painted, does that sound ok? Not too little/much?
The price you'd pay for a fair negro
What would be a good starting price for a 3d bust?
ꞂꞒꝠꟻꭤᵷⱿ c a n t d o d g e
Advertising an app that more than likely bait for shit to be hacked, and posting it on here. What a faggot
Imagine being so autistic that you don't even know how to dodge the filter. Faggot. https://killyourselfͺcom
In this age people share files so many times a day they need a high quality and safe application to perform this task. Xender is one of them. With this app you can share your pictures everywhere you want, from your iPhone to Android and vice versa. You can download Xender app from <a href=https://xe
$1 for a blowjob
What do you think are good prices? Think ive got mine a bit low with my prices?
Different anon, but I get the appeal. Drawing and sculpting commissions are pretty handy for me because I'm uncreative N can't draw a stickman lol. Recently got some sprites done for a game by an artist on ig.
How do you feel about drawing/sculpting commissions?
You missed the holy 420 post anon, you missed the chance and failed. How does that make you feel
What do cubs fans do after they win the world series? They turn off their Xbox.
More like homocles, faggot
"The rewards of virtue alone abide secure." - Sophocles
Did I give you the permission to post? Didn't think so. Now scurry off.
Too bad you didn't get it anon below, rest in piss
That was the 2.420'st post. Blaze it cunt.
fuck the EU
Snake doesnt have balls cause theyd be dummy thicc and the slap of his balls would keep alerting the guards
Why doesn't snake have balls? Because he would look like a dick.
Tfw I think I may have a slight ocd for washing clothes. I'm a bit obsessed with cleanliness.
Hockey fights are cool but imagine the make up sex afterwards in the locker room.
Joke-bot is off his game today
Skin divers How many skin divers does it take to circumcise a blue whale Four
How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the oven until it's Bill Withers
Roastie jokebot go away
If a threesome with two guys and a girl is called a "manwich", what do you call a threesome with two girls and a guy? Vaggie burger.
Is jokebot having a stroke as well?
I think my horse misses me, apparently shes been acting up since ive been gone
Involuntary Owl Knock knock. Who's there? Involuntary owl. Involuntary owl who?
Strokeposters are best posters
You having a stroke there guy?
Been working on a few web development projects, looking at immigrating to another country, y'know, the usual. How about you Anon?
If a girl says, "I hate drama" there is a 99% chance she is a huge drama queen.
What everyone been up too, lets get some chatter going
Theres a problem here... >not American with that easier access to obtaining guns >not in new Zealand, though im sure it would be much harder now to get one there
Below anon gets it. Do it anon. Be the change you want in life. Get that shotgun and blow your brains out gayboy.
"Oppertunities don't happen. You create them."
Put a 12 gauge in your mouth and swallow a mouthful of buckshot. That'll cure your loneliness in a jiffy.
There will never be a cure for loneliness.
Not to mention the cost requirements on top ;w; cant get wirk visa unless you have the details for where your working and that businesses details, but i cant do that since i dont have work on the uk or accepted work there, so what im on atm, CANT WORK OR RISK 7-10 YEAR BAN FROM THE UK, feels bad
Im trying to ;w; but visa are fucking insane with all the fine prints and you can fuck yourself over on how and what visas you use, if you can meet the requirements and if you can find the right one while it takes you through 3-4 completely different one that dont fit.
Move somewhere else aussie anon.
Tfw Australia has an over 10 year waiting list for housing assistance or chance for council housing, i cant even afford to live, work, survive in my own country
It really does, the fact that this has caused serious issues with housing benefits get put priority to people who are *refugees, asylum seakers, etc* instead of you own with the drastically growing rate of homelessness of our citizens and elderly. Our own are neglected to look good for supporting
Who even gives a fuck. Feeding into this stupid "us vs them" mentality needs to fucking stop right now.
#MyBlackPrivilege is getting preferential treatment for careers, educational benefits, financial benefits, and housing priority in Australia among other things simply for the colour of my skin and the blood in my veins. Oh wait. You can't say that though. Black people oppressed white man bad.
>allergy to shellfish/crustaceans >have diet deficiencies >vitamin supplements contains shellfish/crustaceans :')
previous anon more or less summed it up. both are shit choices. just have a mixed diet and you'll be fine brah.
Don't follow through on the other items and life choices that being a vegan is about, so clothes, materials and carbon footprint of getting thier foods/items/etc and byproducts that fuck up what they are againt with animals and environmental damage
But all eating should be done in moderation, too much meat is bad and can cause issues without a good diet plan, vegetarian food can be nice but a bit weird with the fixation to make plants taste like meat or look like it, and vegans ive found to have a double standard and superiority complex and
Both is kinda overated, vegan is a horrible choice and can cause more damage than good and needs alot of research in what foods will and can give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function with out popping vitamin pills to battle it, vegetarian can leave a very limit food option if
What's outbursts thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism? I don't really like the idea of either, but I hear mixed things about the benefits and drawbacks of both.
Nuggets might be okay, but know what isn't? N I G G E R S
Nuggets are okay too though.
My favourite sides are chicken tendies.
My sides
I agree btw. I vote we ban the word Frenchman. I fucking hate them all. Even uttering their name should be punishable by death. Glass France.
F word? You mean Frenchman?
I ment nigger
Fuck? Thats the f word
Refrain from using the F-word please
is for faggots
a N A L
This isn't formated to allow for the symbol art thingos anon.
@@---@@@@@ @@---@@@@@ @@---@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ -------@@-----@@ @@@@-----@@ @@@@-----@@
what were you trying to do there anon?
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