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I wonder if black people have white turds.
It's so fucking hot out today Jesus Christ.
Who is a golfers favorite singer? ...birdy :P
That wasn't even a joke, though lost was a joke of a show so thats more a jest than a joke
I'm 14 shows into the 1st season of 'Lost' & there are SO many mysteries. I sure hope someone finds out where Sawyer plugs in his flat iron
>reading the faq or rules
Does anyone read the FAQs?
That would get rid of the anonymous thing and go against what outburst is about, fuck that
Unironically kill yourself namefag.
Fuck off boomer
We should be able to make accounts.
>Not let to your partner enjoy thier hobby/passion >forcing them to sell thier stuff >high chance they wouldn't do the same and give bs excuse >not just letting them have thier own space to showcase it ... if its not a money sinking issue why is he with her?
If his collection consists of masterpiece figures and/or G1 stuff you should buy it* - Some of the g2+ stuff isn't worth it's weight in dog turds. You could buy them and flip them, or buy them and have a sick-ass collection for a budget price.
He should give her a mouthful of his dick and then file for divorce. Imagine marrying someone like that. You should buy the DVD's and the rest of his collection too Anon.
Also i gotta say, that's a dick move on his miss's with making him sell his stuff like that, bet he'd get a mouth full if it was the other way round.
Thats a literal who anon, but i take it they are the typical sjw furfag or??
Thats a fucking bargain on thoses dvds anon, bix set like that in aus is nearly 200$ copt it, and if hes got diecast/metal figs with it, those are the real collectors item to have over the plastic mold ones
superbunnygt is a fucking cunt go kill yourself you fucking furfag
Fuck the DVD's, buy the figures. I collected transformers as a kid. I fucking love those things.
I know a guy at work who is selling his transformers g1 DVD set. It's in Japanese with English subtitles. Should I buy it or not? He's asking for 25 dollars for the set.( His wife is making him sell his transformers collection )
What's the difference in a garbanzo bean and a chickpea? I've never had a Garbanzo bean on my face before.
twitter has taken a bit of a small hit with the changed desktop layout to its mobile view. its also nice to have a discussion on here, doesnt happen alot.
And no, Twitter is not going to die too soon. They've struggled to grow in the last few years, but their current users are hooked. They slowly bleed users now and then, but not enough to hurt. Their main issue is that under-16's just don't care about micro-blogging as much as 20-somethings do.
its pretty much just tumblr since other art related platforms dont have the same image layout and functions they are used to with tumblr, it did die for a while but when the nsfw ban came in, came back with vigor, its done with a template layout but im not too sure how much extra work theyve been
I don't know what pillow-fort is, but if it's a clone it'll fade away. Original ideas and innovation lead to success. Ripping off a preexisting platform is pointless, because you'll always be known as a copy of someone else's already successful idea. Users will always prefer the original.
Sup Insider, welcome to Outburst. What else can you tell us about Tumblr? Which other sites have you worked on? I'm interested to hear more from you.
You reckon twitter is gonna that now insider since large majority have gone there or to the tumblr clone pillow-fort?
If you want to know why, you should squarely point your finger at the sjw crowd. They've more or less rendered the entire platform non-profitable because of their culture of knee-jerking at everything. Many of the staff are sjw's as well, which led to a mass-turnover about 6 years ago. Tumblr = 💀
Regarding Tumblr, I've worked at Tumblr in the last ten years, and there are massive gaping security holes that are more or less just left alone because nobody seems to know exactly how to fix them. Their codebase is out of date and messy. They've discussed a complete recode but lack the cash flow.
According to my source, working for him isn't easy due to his tendency to make unrealistic demands for shit that makes absolutely 0 sense, but he's not the absolute worst in the world. As for Gab having 1 million users? No. 1 million accounts? Yes. Users? Definitely not. Most accounts are inactive.
Sounds as bad as tumblr, nothing but cowboy coding and boys club of incompetent dicks that chase out programers who know how actually do their job
@ insider how bad is it working for Torba? Is he that much of a idiot? Does Gab really have 1 million users?
I know someone who worked with Gab, and I can confirm that the inner workings there are an absolute farse. Everyone is a bit worried about their future there thanks to the fucking internal politics and the inevitability of someone going postal and doing a shooting again which will end up sinking it.
Torba is losing his mind. He wants to see if there's a way to make the fediverse as boomer friendly as possible. He's blaming everyone but himself for the fuck up that's going on inside of Gab. -a friend of #Ganons
Btw btw: So yes, if you were wondering, foreskin works on touchscreens. My next experiments will be nipples and balls.
There even more or dumb bitches when you call them out on thier hypocrisy, same with them all being sheep and not looking into anything themselves. They all try to talk and be a big game when they are nothing but fakers into the never improve mindset with being mentally is as popular and trendy
I typed that with my cock btw
iktf anon. I can't tell which girls are art hoes and which ones are actual punks anymore. The two styles have blended together and it just makes me cringe for ever finding it attractive knowing that these dumb bitches are either SJW's or psychopaths 99 times out of 100.
Ethots ruined everything, my style i like to dress in always goes straight to >slut or e thot >fake art hoe >sjw which actually pisses me off even more
But itll more than likely all get blammed on that elite hacker known as 4chan, since normies dont know what it is other than the big bad when its not as a whole
She was from /r9k/ /fa/ and /soc/ the turbo autis was from discord but it got reposted on to 4chan, but yea she brought it on her self for being a toxic manipulative cunt trying to be that edgey damaged kid thats 'deep'. Nothing was lost, but its interesting to see how much shit discord will get
Lol is this all reg that stupid cunt who had her head chopped off or whatever by some turbo autist from r9k? Have you seen the shit that she said to her orbiters? How did she ever think this was going to end any other way? Associating with mentally unstable people totally never turns violent!
Kek dont forget that gamer girl bathwater
foot pics only 200$ stop wasting my time incel
It sure did for that ethot
I told my kids to follow their hopes and dreams, as long as their hopes and dreams lead them out of my house when they're 21.
I dont know why they always paint these shitty people as 'pure good persons that were funny and sweet' when they are just manipulative cunts. Theres nothing if value lost here
ethot deserved it
*spreads toilet seat cover over santa's lap before sitting down*
Before I criticize a man, I like to walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when I do criticize him, I'm a mile away and I have his shoes.
That's not even a fucking joke.
I'm opening a funeral home that has a bar in it. I know right?
Name field is optional and was added because people were constantly asking for it during our test phase. Joke-bot is a joke database that shits out /r/jokes stuff, hence why some of its material is hit and miss. You're free to post with whatever name you like. I, nor anyone else gives a single shit.
Based and schitzo pilled.
You seem to be sperging out there fam, do you require some medical help or are you fine to cut yourself on all that edge?
You alright there mate?
Oh, my bad...the "optional" name field makes an Anon of us all...very fucking Jewish.
The fact that this form has a name field is HILARIOUS! And everyone uses it - even funnier!!! Is the Anon facade a show of fidelity, conformity or simple faggotry? Holy shit this site is so fucking funny - except for that Joke-bot thing...which is how I know it's a honk honk on that stinker...
It's the kikes! Trust the information and follow the $$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$!!!
If Anon starts posting rando shit as #Ganons, will that be funnier than (((Joke-bot)))?
The dumpster fire at Gab looks a lot like the Joke-bot here.
The Energizer Bunny was arrested this morning. Have you heard about this? Yeah, police say he was charged with battery.
My insides ate in agony and the click of words ive been writinf habe been horribly off with it being a mix of mispelt, missing or combo of wrong words to make the right word. But it read perfect until i came back to it
I don't feel good at all. I've kinda been not right all day. Threw up a few times earlier, keep getting a weird watery feeling headache. I'm also super frantic and incredibly hyperactive. I don't get what's causing this.
Critics agree that plot considerations did not justify the near-constant nudity in your film "How To Safely Use A Ladder In The Workplace"
Torba is a fool. He thinks Gab can win a internet war against FSE. The fediverse is a lot bigger then he thinks. Trust the information and follow the $$$$. I am the law.
After years of hard work and dedication, I can finally say that I have that sexy body I've always wanted. It's in my freezer.
That was a terrible one
How come when someone goes to sit down and the seat is dirty they use their hand to wipe the seat then wipe their dirty hands on their pants? What was the point
did earlier. heard its a mass-attack on US servers from the Russians or something. lots of other sites went down too.
Is anyone having issues with twitter? Mines just fucked itself, curious if anyone else is having trouble with it too
Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father and fire the teacher. a chinese proverb Btw I am fine everyone. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
ZING! Finish them you double nigger.
You mean like all my ideas for drawing comics and never fully finishing them
I want to make an alligator joke... But I'm afraid I'll get carried away.
let #Ganons know we wish him well Vodka-man. i've never really been a big fan of the "fuck gab" posts, but i do miss seeing him posting on here oddly enough. he was a nice constant, and he seemed like a good guy.
You have a stable job, house and family, youre doing pretty fucking good there anon, wish i could say the same except for the kids part, i want none of that.
Your dad is a boomer? There's your answer Anon, of course it's not wrong. Boomers are 90% shitheads. I think I recall reading somewhere that the vast majority of boomers actually exhibit sociopathic personalities.
Is it wrong that i wish that my father would just shut up and die? It seems like everything i do is never good enough for him. I have a great career where i work 16 hours a day 6 days a week, a wonderful wife and 2 kids and i live in the suburbs. But he still says I'm a lazy bum. My dad is a boomer.
#ganons is in hiding just incase torba sends ppl after him. As my source i cant say until i am sure that i dont end up in a ditch by goons sent by torba. I can say is that torba is a very paranoid man who is actually dangerous when mad. -a friend of ganons
btw nice commander keen reference below. old meme is old.
That's... Actually kind of interesting @Vodka. I'm interested to see this develop. Who's your source on this? Also curious as to why #Ganons no longer posts? I really miss seeing the guy around. Was super chill.
finally found out what operation hard-boiled is. Torba is planning on shadowbanning users on gab who are exposing him and his con game. And completly banning users permantly who upset boomers. That way gab will never be exposed and stay as a hugbox for boomers till they die off. -a friend of ganons
hey i just met you and this is crazy but i'm your mom now you small weak baby
Delicious succulent newfags*
We got ourselves more newfags?
Laurens where are you?
Long live the DopeFish!
Nice to see a new anon @vodka I'm interested to see what unfolds. Keep us posted brah.
Why does the Asian News Anchor not stand up from behind his desk during presidential races? because he's covering an erection!
Dont you mean 9/11 🏢🏢✈
7/11 a big change will be happening on gab. There is talks behind closed doors on a "great project" called "operation hard-boiled" are you feeling alone? Trust the information. -a friend of ganons
We're now on FreeSpeechExtremist if you want to check us out @Outburst. Not sure how active we'll be on there, but we'll see.
Yeah, I've noticed that too. This place is fucking weird. It booms for two weeks solid then fucking dies for two weeks.
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