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Goodnight comic_guy. God speed on your quest to find new shit to have fun with. Like with the other Anons, I'd suggest emulating old stuff, or buy a ps2. Has a really good library and they're cheap as shit at the minute. Get a debug unit if you can. They're regionless.
Bad idea. Don't buy old consoles. Use emulators. Take this from someone who used to collect, refurbish, and sell consoles to retarded hipsters. Keep your current games and consoles, emulate old shit.
@anon emulators are nice but not the same as having the real deal. But in end I feel as if the SJWS are destroying everything that is fun in the world along with the feminist for their Communist master George Soros. But thanks for the advice. Good night everyone and have a wonderful weekend.
Better idea is to keep what you have and use emulators : DDD
Thanks @anon I now feel good now that I safely spend my money on Mangas after I sell all my comics. Next question is video games, because of the SJWs and 3rd wave feminist I plan on selling my games and game system and buy some old school game system and games. Good idea or bad idea? Thanks
Manga is 100% safe from sjws. The Japanese could not give the remotest fuck about political correctness. I'd suggest reading ranma 1/2 for an accurate portrayal of a mtf transformation manga that just rips the piss out of sjwism pretty much all the way through. The subject seems raggy but it's from
Mangas are definitely safe my man, the japs dont give a fuck about what the west does.
I am really tired of comics because of the SJWS and 3rd wave feminist bullshit in comics. A friend suggested that either I should just sell all my comics and keep the money for myself or get some Mangas .my question is Mangas safe from the SJWs and 3rd wave feminist or should I just keep the $.
>implying it ever wasn't a cuck crybaby echo chamber just like twitter
It was a matter of time before Gab became a cuck version of Twitter. If you have a account on Gab I suggest that you delete your account and never come back.
Is Torba fucking serious at this point lol. Gab is essentially a data mine at this stage. Keep the fuck away from it.
No, they now require you to show ID at signup. You can then choose to be verified or not. This is fucking pathetic. Look for yourself: https://imgur.com/a/dtgLlz8
Wasn't showing ID only mandatory for verified people? Hasn't that kind of always been the rule on Gab? I don't like their platform, but are you making something out of nothing here, or has a policy actually changed?
Gab is now confirmed to be a FBI honeypot. Torba now wants users to show Their ID to prove who they are. Fuck that! Time to start using outburst from now on. Or go back to using the chan boards.
I don't think this Ganon character is coming back. Does anyone have any idea who he or she is?
Currently in the UAE.
In uni, kill me now.
Why do people use gab anyway? It's really badly designed for a social network. The whole site set-up initially cost the founders less than 200 bucks, and they put 0 creativity into it whatsoever. The socialmedia template they use is like 90 dollars apparently. Check encyclopedia dramatica.
To add too: you're as much of a shill for (((Torba))) as ganons is for jack dorsey if that's the argument you're using. They're both pieces of human shit, and anyone shilling for either is a fucking retard.
Oh, I want evidence. I know his content was stolen shit. I just want insider info.
#Ganons information is exposed! Everything that he said is the exact same thing that a couple of users on Gab has been saying for the last 9 months whom goes by the usernames @JudgeDread @313Chris @Oblivia on Gab. That is where the information is coming from. Trust the information and follow the BS!
I call bullshit on Ganons! Where is the evidence of this bullshit on everything that you say? For all we know this you could be a shill working for Jack Dorsey. Don't trust Ganons for shit! I call bullshit on Ganons and everything that this guy says! Where is the evidence?!
How do you get this information @Ganons?
The CEO of Gab is ripping off The shareholders. The company stocks are only worth 2 cents a share but is being sold for 4 dollars a share. How long till the shareholders find out that they are being ripped off. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Based Ganons bringing the facts.
The CEO of Gab losing his mind. Many of the big-time Gab users who were responsible for bringing in many users are leaving and taking their followers with them upon them discovering that Gab is now confirmed to be a FBI honeypot. Gab is officially screwed. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Outburst is showing new quotes I think in the post suggestions box? Anyone else noticed this?
How do you know the toothbrush was invented in South Carolina? Cause if it was invented anywhere else it'd be called a teethbrush.
Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people, the mindless discuss normies.
This is a big part of why I like Outburst as much as I do. Outburst as a website does not hold a bias, and I don't think it ever will. The creators will have their own beliefs, but that never becomes a part of how they manage their site, unlike how Andrew Torba manages that shithole Gab.
... The real nazi's, not people who voted for the current president of the US. Anyone who feels the need to verbally or physically attack someone because of their beliefs is a fucking nazi, and people on both the left and the right are as guilty of this as the other. People need to talk more.
I don't really care about the whole "right vs left" thing. I honestly think that globally, the number one issue we have is the SJW's driving a huge divide between people. Anyone who contributes to this culture of outrage and offence that we have is a cancer on society, and people like that are...
I have fucking 0 clue tbh gabuser. I do think that Torba has allowed the fbi to turn gab into a right wing honeypot in exchange for immunity though. I honestly think way more has gone on with the feds than anyone will ever know.
There is talks about Torba being a shill for George Soros on Gab, is there any evidence of Torba working for George Soros? Or are people just talking bs out of their behind?
It is already an issue here in HK americanon. Our gvt and China as a whole is watching our every move to profile us to see who is most likely to commit a crime with scary accuracy. I fear I cannot stay here sometimes.
"FBI!! We have a warrant for your arrest for the future crime of hate speech violations!" We're half a step away from this here in the States. Not enough Helots are rattling their chains. Gods help us.
(((Anti-White))) UN Ambassador declares USA needs to scour all social media and arrest "antisemites" http(colon)//www(dot)renegadetribune(dot)com/israeli-un-ambassador-says-us-needs-to-monitor-all-social-media-and-have-police-arrest-anti-semites/?doing_wp_cron=1542047043.2574870586395263671875
I don't use Gab, but I already know that Torba is a dodge-pot. The cunt ran ad-scam sites for fucking years before founding Gab. Everything he does is just a pump and dump scam. I'm actually VERY curious as to how long it'll be before a huge data breach happens on Gab because of his shit opsec.
Yes it is true that weev called them out about it. And yes there are more doing the same. The newest one to call Torba out is a user who's username is @GBC_Dude on Gab who is also calling out some shills who work for Torba as well. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Didn't weev call this shit out like three fucking years ago? I know I was following Outburst on Twitter back then as well, and they called out Gab a few times as well over this exact shit but nobody listened to them. I wish that their full archive of Tweets still existed but they deleted a bunch.
There is already a crap load of Gab users calling Torba out on the site of being a con artist, and the site is going a little crazy about it. One of users calling him for it about to get banned for calling him out for it. The user is a normie by most standards. Keep a eye on users who call him out.
@ educated there is always voat. Maybe even the chan boards. But I think that is it. We are just screwed.
@anon shit, that kinda sucks. Any news on whether there's anything out there apart from Gab? I don't want to feed that faggot Torba's ego, and I don't want to give his shithole site any traffic.
@educate me, yup that's what happened, wrongthink.net closed up shop because of the Gab incident. So wrongthink.net is dead forever. It's not coming back ever again.
oh shit son its voice of reason. how you been my dude?
To everyone screeching at the other "tinfoil heads" in here, without freedom what are you going to do? Your freedoms are under threat any time that Parliament/Congress is in session. Are you just going to sit there and sperg out, or are you going to confront evil? It's put up or shut up time.
"In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, oppositon, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards." - Protocols of Zion,#12
I had to go see my doctor today because I’m having an unusual problem. I say to him, “I’ve got a problem, every time I finish masturbating I sing the American national anthem”. The doctor said, “Don’t worry, a lot of wankers sing that”.
Also, what the fuck happened to wrongthink? Did they shit themselves and shut up shop thanks to the whole gab ordeal or something else?
Nigga, who gives a shit if Trump is a shill? He never once said he was going to be the savior of the white race in America or anywhere else. Trumptards are as fucking autistic and delusional as the far left, and far-right people are fucking retards too. All Americans are fucking retarded I swear.
Why is having sex in a cannoe the same as American beer? Because it's fucking close to water
(((Dianne Feinstein))) was literally rubbing her slimy hands right next to Donald Trump when he said that people's guns should be confiscated before the judicial proceedings even started. Why did TRS and the Daily Stormer leave out this detail? Hmmmm....I smell a rat.
Say that David Duke is a shill for Israel and Donald Trump on Stormfront, and see how fast you get banned there (or restricted to OV section). (((They))) are trying really hard to shut it down. They appear to be in a panic because they know that the jig is up.
If Trump is supposed to be this great defender of the White Race, why does he want to make it illegal to criticize the (((people))) destroying them? Neither Alex Jones nor the Alt-Right will ever take this SOB to task on his radically Anti-White activities. We need whistle-blowers NOW!
Gab will go down the shithole just like Wrongthink.net did. The whole alt tech thing is a joke. The silicon valley will rule the social media sites forever.
Hunter x Hunter is the best anime ever made.
Trump is not even what Right-leaning Americans think he is. He is as Anti-White as it comes too. I honestly fear for our future. https://imgur.com/a/Kd3NPGc
Gab had already had a huge breach
with how shit torbas opsec is, I am willing to bet that gab is probably going to suffer the same fate as myspace at some point and have a fucking huge database breach.
Torba is a liar, there are only 20,000 users on Gab not 200,000 users, he is also trying to ban hentai/anime from the site to attract more boomers and con them out of their money. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
ignorant********, not obnoxious. well..... also obnoxious. >
ngl, as an american, i find it obnoxious as heck how a lot of us seem to think america is the only country in the world. it makes us appear a lot more obnoxious on a global scale.
Thats more amerifat shit, yall aint the only countries in the world you faggots
Your homework today: look up the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.
Tfw most sjw are just as bad as '''nazis''' with *kill all white cis (((men)))* instead of jews. Makes it kinda silly when shit just gets replaced by some other ethnicity/creed. just the same shit with a different smell
idk anon, that's a broad sweeping statement. imo, everyone deserves to be seen and heard, it's just a case of drawing the line when terrorism is involved. to say that militant sjw's are any less nazi than neo-nazi's is a grey area as well. extremism of any kind is just a cancer on the planet.
Gab is cancer of the internet, Gab needs to be shut it down. It's just a site for neo nazis. Neo nazis don't deserve to be seen or heard. There are no normal people on Gab.
I totally agree that Gab is a shithole, but I don't think Torba plans on selling it. It's a consistent stream of shekels for him, and Twitter wouldn't dare fucking touch it. It's got a worse rep than aids.
Nobody wants Gab, it's a shithole, a shithole that deserves to be shutdown forever.
I'm calling bullshit unless you provide a source Anon. That sounds way too far fetched + twitter wouldn't be interested in gab. It has a fucking awful image, and from a business pov that'd be a fucking terrible move.
There is talk inside Gab HQ that Torba wants to sell Off Gab even going as far as try to sell it to Twitter.
"Will I get jewed over when I go abroad by the government?" - I think I know the answer to this one: yes
torba = fbi
Torba is about to be exposed as the fruad that he is, the PA GA has more than enough evidence to lock him up. Plus there is a few moles in Gab working for the feds to get Torba. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
I find it funny how the only people that get bitter and twisted about political correctness tend to be either overpriviledged white kids in college or university. Black people, gay people, trans people, etc (as a whole) don't really give a toss about it. Stop being offended for us plz kthxbai.
Do it, faggot. Don't be a pussy. Do a flip.
lol not really
Why are you being so fucking consistent out of the sudden
"?" - The all mighty overlord answers: yes
"Should I?" - I think I know the answer to this one: yes
I used to be a missing cat Now I'm in a band
I still wish that moot hadn't handed 4chan over to that fucking retard hiroshi. The guy nearly ran 2ch into the goddamn ground.
In all honesty, with the shit Torba has been involved in in the past, I am amazed he's never been brought in front of a court. I don't trust the slimy cunt one bit.
Torba is through, he will be doing the perp walk very soon for security exchanges fruad and embezzlement. This will be the end of Gab. Trust the information. Follow the $$$$
Which ghost sailed the seven seas looking for rubbish and blubber? The ghost of BinBag the Whaler.
Mac n cheese tears my fucking insides apart. I feel like I'm going to die.
Tbqh Insiders, Gab was always a piece of shit, and WrongThink was destined to fail because it was ran by unprofessional retards who tried pandering towards le ebig nazi anime shitposting weeaboos.
Wrongthink.net is dead and not coming back. Gab is controlled by ((( them))) . Toko.tech is ran by a bunch of weebs.
Has anyone ever tried those Hollandiase Sauce and egg mushroom muffins from Costa coffee in the UK? They're so goddamn delicious.
Soyboy tier joke there jokebot
"There is a policeman in here and he will ARREST YOU." And other inspirational things I say to my kids when we're in public.
Checks out, Q&A-bot is never wrong. Continue.
"Is voice of reason full of bullshit?" - I think I know the answer to this one: no
How is the previous Anon asking for dating advice? If you're trying to warn people about white genocide and other shit don't you think that it's important to know whether dating/fucking/falling in love/having kids is worth it? I think that's actually pretty relevant to your topic.
not everyone in the world is an Amerifat. I don't give a shit about your bill of independence or your jewish media overlords @Voice of Reason. I live in HK, this does not do shit to impact my life. other shit does, but not Amerifat shit. Why do you make 100000 posts at once?
“Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will." - Protocols of Zion, Protocol No.3
Mind you, I'm not talking about just random rank & file jews who have no power, I'm talking about the ones making films in Hollywood, stage managing all politicians, printing the funny money, and controlling education. These people have names and a rap sheet of every criminal act of genocide done.
Between the lines, Trump's saying that anyone who is even at all critical of our self-chosen (((overlords))), needs to go to the julag. He wants to revoke the 1st Amendment. If this doesn't scare you, then you are truly dead inside and probably deserve what's being planned for you by your masters.
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