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Tfw almost die from fever
Owners need to shill this place to the public way harder. I understand that they're busy and whatnot, but you have to make the time or else your platform fails. I don't want to see that happen to Outburst. I really like this site when it has active posts on a daily basis.
outburst confirmed for dead
Holy shit, has there gone a whole day with 0 posts?
Being bitter, angry, and sad is completely okay and understandable as long as you know why you're like that. Any boomer normalfag who tells you to "just get over it" is a part of the problem and they have no idea what they're talking about. Some shit is worthy of not letting go of.
Is it wrong being bitter, angry, and sad? I can't stop. I know what is happening, but it won't stop.
until I come to a full stop, trying to realise what is going on around me. After what seemed like a full 10 minutes, I snap out of it, realising only seconds have passed.
Sometimes when walking outside, I feel like time slows down. Everything around me is in slow motion. My legs freeze against the pavement and I feel like my energy is being drained from me. Each step is just heavier and heavier,
Let them eat cake, she says Just like Marie Antoinette
She keeps her Moet et Chandon In her pretty cabinet
We met on strange circumstances all those years ago, but I'm still glad that we both checked into the same hotel together. Thanks for the last 7 or 8 years my dude, and here's to many more.
Also, go figure my gf points out your post literally five minutes after you posted it. She's on here more than I am half the time.
I can see that connection Spanish Anon, 100%. It wasn't the original intent, but Outburst isn't necessarily about post quantity, it's more about the message we're trying to convey just by existing in an industry that is full of datamining and lack of privacy. We wanted to be the antithesis of that.
You're a cute latinanon, mine was you'd be even more of a failure if you kill yourself, sonthat kinda kept that at bay, not so much the internal screams tho
Outburst reminds me of old visitorbooks we used to put on websites back in early 00..... is this intention? I like it, but I have not seen for many a year now. Sorry for bad english, I am from spain.
I tell it myself whenever shit gets hard or when I feel depressed. It sorta works
And thats hella cute latin anon
Still comes out of the dick tho anon
Per aspera ad astra.
Cum joke* get it right nerd.
Oh Joke-bot , ypuve lighten up my morning with a beautiful dick joke ❤
This guy. This guy with a premature ejaculation problem comes outta no where.
I can't wait to get up early in the mornings to head out for a walk over to Costa coffee and grab one of those delicious ass egg and hollandaise sauce muffins with spinach and shit on them. I've had fun overseas, learned a lot, but it's time to go home.
Why does Japan have a high life expectancy? It is full of anti - occidents
I dont want to be talked to like shit, not be told what gone on and only find oit second hand when its about me or something thats wanted of me but then for not being told directly, it's i shouldve known it already or have to deal with the severe bipolar feeling/actions of my parents that change at
I cant vent of say anthing thats wrong without it being a joke to them. Its always they have it worse and ive got no right to be upset about anything. Im tired. Everything is held to a double standard with everything i do ignored or just have every single fault and mistake held over me. I dont want
Why cant i just phase out of existence, tfw been the no trouble child in the family but gets talked to and treated like shit, all of my concerns or being sick gets taken as a joke, but as soon as its my brothers with the same shit, they get babied and all the special treatment
that pizza I ate is hella good
What do you or your girlfriend like to refer periods to, i like using SharkWeek since but it and sharkweek can easily become bloody messes
Twitter would be a lot more interesting if when you hit someone with your car, you got their followers.
Jokebot you fucking mad lad.
A young lady from my office just sent me an email saying "ithinktherearesomeproblemswithmykeyboardcanyoupleasegivemeanalternative" Oh boy am I excited, but what does "ternative" mean?
@edgy Anon below, if you've never grown up with overbearing controlling parents, then you can't understand this shit. I remember as a teenager having the same issues as the Anon below, and chances are he can't do anything about it as he's either too young or doesn't have a job yet. Iktf bro.
Ment to know everything on the default when youve not be shown/taught how to do so, and any attempts to learn is looked down on and belittled.
Finding any small thing and holding it against me. Nothing is good enough, even more to everthing i do to take things into my own hands to be independent, but it always seems to be the wrong thing and i get lashed for it. How are you ment to be an adult when every chance and opportunity to do so
Its not a hint of me wanted gone, its a lack of respect of my things, and them trying to control my life. I cant get away from this, at least not at the moment in the long run. I hate the double standard ive been put under with everything, nothing i do is taken in, nothing but nitpicking everything
I visited Amsterdam this summer, and decided to have sex with a prostitute. It was an overall positive experience. Sadly, it was an HIV positive experience.
yous shit was just that... shit. just take the hint and get lost. rope. train tracks, swim the mississippi. just l e a v e. Next week errthing goes in a fire, errthing
Gotta love it when family decides just to take/get rid of your shit without telling you or breaking it
Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me Fool me three times, show me how you do that
Why didn't the chicken cross the road? Because another chicken had already done it.
Why is it so much more satisfying to eat popcorn with chopsticks
Reminder that freedom of speech doesn't exist in the UK.
No, my asss!
An abomination
what do you get when you cross a bungee cord with an owl?
There's way more valuable shit Outburst could be recording over IP addresses, but I trust their claims when they say how little they record. Rage seems pretty sincere from what I've read on twitter, and if you knew anything about who snoop is, you'd know he actually does care about anonymity nd shit
What the fuck is so important about IP logging anyways? Most cases people have dynamic IPs and you won't be able to get fuck all off of it by the time the person restarts their router, not that you could get anything to begin with.
We have a screenshot up of a record in our database, but I don't think there is a foolproof way for us to "prove" we're not logging IP's. Anti-censorship and freedom of speech are very dear to us and we hold strong opinions against those who don't respect those two things.
To the anon who wants an audit trail: I like the idea. But it won't be free, since an independend and trusted organisation should execute the audit in order for it to be trustworthy. And we're already two poor students running the site, so perhaps in the future. Alternatives?
God you're fucking dense
Either pursue them legally for falsifying their data collection policy, or stop being a faggot making up bullshit without anything to back it up. Your posts just make you look retarded when you provide 0 evidence. What would they even have to gain by IP logging you, lol?
post the damn audit trail and show the people you know their IP address when they post
How bad can stress fuck someone up?
You know what sounds really ominous and deep when you gotta try and kill wasp? "You have to spray into the mouth of the sun" cause those fuckers decided to build their nest in a terracotta wall orniment
There, a lighthearted shitty joke, now can we stop being such fucking boring faggots and actually talk about something interesting?
This was the funniest joke in the world when I was five. why did the chicken cross the road roll in the dirt and cross the road again? because he was a dirty double crosser!
Send me an email if you change your mind and need an in-depth explanation, or if you want to pursue us for alleged false claims regarding our data policy (lol). You can find out how to email us securely on the contact page, otherwise I'm done responding. If RSA wants to amuse you, he's welcome to.
I'd make a thought-out response to you, but you're too dense. I could explain in overly complicated detail exactly how and why we don't have trackers or IP logging, but no matter what, you're not going to be happy with it because you're not interested in actually learning jack-shit.
BTW, I used to use ghostery too, and they're right to call you braindead for using it. I did more research into it myself, and the least of your worries should be which websites are tracking you if you use that piece of shit.
Do you have any idea of the legal ramifications if your claims were true? I highly doubt that the admins are stupid enough to make themselves liable to being sued. If they collect your IP address while claiming specifically not to (see their faq and privacy section), they'd get raped in court.
Explain to me how you think your ip is being tracked, go into every little detail, tell me how that would be implemented faggot
Why dont you look at the FAQ dick cheese
i'm going to beat you senseless with my dick, because you deserve it. Besides, this place tracks you. They log your IP every time you post. don't need a tracker for that silly goy
Then it was on your end faggot
This site no longer shows 1 invisible tracker, as mentioned before. it no longer blocks anything, They can sell my shit til kingdom come. all their gonna find is face down ass up pr0n. only 1 person ever bitched about ghostery and that was dread. he'll bitch about anything for attn. Fuck you soyboia
Also, I havent touched the codebase for over a month so nothing got fixed either, since I'm the only dev.
There is no "fuckup" ghosteryanon. Ghostery is just a piece of shit.
lol, have fun having your data sold by ghostery gayboy. issue is not with outburst, that is exactly what both @snooper and @ragingsysadmin have been trying to get through your skull you fuckwit. the trackers are related to captcha and nothing to do with outburst you faggot.
its on you end faggot, enjoy ghostery selling your user data/info. https://twitter.com/RagingSysadmin/status/1092249352519802880
I'll check whatever the fuck I want to check. You done fixed your ghostery problem, without mentioning that to anyone here. I don't twitter, twitter is for jack's bootlickers. You wouldn't mentioned you fucked it up without me bringing it up in the first place.
Hey @Ghostery Anon. Check @RagingSysadmin on Twitter. He's done a small longpost to explain the situation with trackers that you got your panties in a twist about. The Outburst development blog *is* still on the way, but we felt this was important to address first.
Fuck i hate it when i end up sleeping with my eyes open, fucks me over so much. Least i know that the dream i was having wasn't real, felt it and felt like I was awake when i wasn't.... not had that in a while
#Ganons is fine. So am I. We just have been busy gathering evidence to give to the FBI about Gab and Torba. Enjoy the show.
Why is America becoming more and more anti semitic? Why do Americans hate the Jews so much? What did the Jews do to deserve such hate in America?
There are no gods, only cults that needy people turn to for reassurance and comfort. Believe in you and what you can accomplish don’t rely on safety in numbers by sitting back and following the herd hoping it will be alright because it won’t !
I'm actually curious about what happened to those guys too. I don't really give a shit about gab, but I did like seeing their posts once in a while.
Keep a eye on @gabslayer on Gab, he is exposing Torba as the con artist that he is. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Sports are gay. That is all. Besides Jesus, there's always other gods like ganesha. Other than the bullshit on outburst, what happened to Ganons and the lightseeker person? Are they dead?
Go red socks
rams BTW. Patriots are shit.
Saying "jesus christ" isn't blasphemous, lol. It's only blasphemous if you were to use it like a cuss word like "jesus fucking christ" or "jesus christ, what was that?"
Forget about the church, what about the super bowl? The Patriots vs the rams ! Who do you all think is going to win the super bowl?
Good ol blacktown, still living to its reputation
Only thing that was good for was getting out of work for school
"Isnt saying jesus christ sort or blasphemous tho?" Well here is a totally stupid FUCK. One who never cracked open a bible, but is here to tell us about it. STUPID FUCK. imma skool u, Christ is the GREEK word for messiah. QUICK stupid MF when did he refer to himself as a Christian?
Isnt saying jesus christ sort or blasphemous tho?
Yes, get with the program and repent for your sins and ask God to forgive you of your sins and read your bible and go to church. Sunday is the lord's day! Praise Jesus Christ name for the world to hear! In the name of Jesus Christ I command you all to seek forgiveness from God for your sins, Amen.
assuming he would have it when angels neither procrete or expel waste. Get with the program ya filthy animal. all the dic you want is in the castro. aids infested millennial.
Id suck Satan's dick for a good internet connection
You are all sinners and need Jesus Christ! Repent for your sins and ask God for forgiveness!
If you're a child, is it really child porn then?
You're watching too much cp.
Whats with this trend in ads where children are voiced over the adults?
Good luck Anon. Exams or something?
Enjoy your winter hell scape
Global warming also accounts for the servre cold too anon, the massive changes in weather is still concerning.
Wish me luck : DDDDD
God damn polar vortex! Why couldn't the midwest be like the middle east! 120 degrees all day every day instead of this 75 degrees below zero bullshit! What happened to the global warming bullshit that the Democrats talked about 24/7/365 ? I call bullshit on global warming!
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