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... if it were ones who did things the right way and visa got cancelled or expired, they get fucking kicked out even if theyve built a life and family, but no, not this fucking Indian family trying to cheat the system, im fucking mad
Im pissed off about this idian family, they over stayed thier visa and trying to stay i australia, its unfair for those who are doing it the right way jumping through all these fuckin loops but not, theyve gotte nearly half a mill from go fund and it spread all on the news, its a fucking joke...
>boomer alright zoomer
ok boomer
Larper be gone!
Well it's official! This site sucks and I don't have any more reasons to come back here ever again. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Remember to stay hydrated frens. 🍶
Have you been drinking enough water anon?
Why does it hurt when I pee?
How many babies does it take to paint a wall? It depends how hard you throw them.
Where Did it go? Where did that list of dark jokes posted this morning go? Iv looked everywhere.
I hate how much australia is becoming americanised
it fucking shits me up the wall that, and thats coming from experience as a grill, and its how i ended up with my fiance, didnt get treat different when it was found that >not boy but grill, still disappointed by a couple guys i thought were my mates but turns out they were just brad orbiters
dont force it anon, it never works out when you try to get one, be wary of the Stacys and basic bitches/ art hoe thots and go in with a friendship with no expectations of it becoming anything. its annoying as fuck when it always >grill have vagoobis >boy have cock >grill should be mine cause she
lol - /g/
I want a /g/irlfriend
my name is jefff!!! loooooooooooooooooooooooool xD!!!
Lifelog + DARPA + Navy intelligence + NSA = Facebook. Zuckerberg is just a face for the Government front of Facebook. Tom of MySpace was just a pasty. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Nice site. What is there to do here?
I heard the kid who fell into the gorilla pit was actually trying to get the jewelry his mother dropped. He didn't get the gold but he got the silver back.
hell fucking yes, post government shit @ganons, or alternatively try and get a plug in twitter or facebook.
hello /g/ayboys
Well now that it's official that Gab is dying, what do you all want me to talk about next? Do you want me to go talk to Q and see what we can uncover about the Government? Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Hello /g/entlemen
Who the fuck gives a shit about Gab? lmao
What's up anon?
I miss you :(
I feel like shit for fucking up dinner.
Gab is fucked. Joining the fediverse was a mistake.
Gab is crashing and burning. Torba is losing money, a $12,000 a month just trying to keep the site open and operating. And he's losing users as well. He just lost 20,000 users this week alone. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Hey @internet addicted anon. Glad to hear you're making the move to improve your life. I'm sorry to hear that you feel the internet has become such a big issue that you need to cut it out entirely but I totally get it. Been there myself. Good luck broski. You'll figure a balance out in your own time
I'm more of a fan of tortoises myself, but turtles are pretty rad. Happy to meet another herpabro.
I like Turtles.
Mate, its just using control and making a routine to work to, good on ya for it,, but what are you doing offline? Working with hands to build stuff? Further study?
Hey, everyone. I'm slowly trying to phase the internet out of my life since I spend a significant portion of my waking hours on it and books stimulate my mind better. Thank you for having me.
Because they're bitter about their lack of foreskin
Why do yanks ruin everything?
Fuck Christians and Americans.
Hey U.S.: if every now and then I heard a "God PLEASE bless America", maybe you'd have better luck. #manners
Girl, my life is full of tragedy. In 1997, my girlfriend was killed by a guy named Sephiroth. AND she was our party's only healer :(
Depends if hindu becomes the next trend like what islam did in the 90s. But would be more the ethnic group than religious beliefs.
@anon so does this mean that the future will be Hinduism take over and not a Islamic take over of the world?
Ayy lmao
Cant forget the idians (not the American ones) they are better than Muslims but they also breed out and take over everywhere they go.
F u c k. I s l a m and the muslims
Whoa this site is pretty cool
Fuck this wind, took power out for a day and a half and no Internet still
Bloodlust, mire like a soyboi faggot
Do it faggot
Bloodlust is getting worse by the day. I just wanna kill people
Weren't all of them tho? Just a case of my *jesus* is better than yours and actually did this in our version compared to yours
Jesus Christ was a cult leader and a con man.
the STO from early 2018 had $5,265,528.64 'reserved' pending SEC approvel. How much of that was real? Who knows? Gab is a dot com bubble ready to burst into flames. Trust the information and follow the $$$$. To the fakers stop larping as me you retards.
Hillary Clinton has become so famous that they started naming footwear after her They call it the flip flop
Here's a broom go sweep the floors... 'Here's a broom go sweep the floors.' 'But I have a PhD...' 'Oh, I'm sorry, give me the broom, I'll show you how its done.'
dear vk considering anon don't do it. well I mean DO destroy your facebook account, but if you really have to pick any social media, find and pick a fediverse instance with people you like. Everything else will just be a dumpster fire.
Don't start anything, not with your middle age mentality, go back to use middle age tools
Dear anons I plan on deleting my Facebook account and starting a vkontakte account. Is this a good idea or is vkontakte no different than Facebook?
Next we got the invader zim movie to watch, then the dora movie and sonic move when they come out
waifu of the anon who watched the SU movie here - I actually didn't mind it. I dislike the show immensely because fuck their SJW propaganda shit, but the movie was actually OK. went into it with rock bottom expectations though, so whatever. Wouldn't watch again, but glad I saw it I think.
Sup stuffers
I had low expectations of the Steven universe movies, but it was ok, wasn't as preachy as i thought it was gonna be but ok. Defs a one time watch since story and pacing wasnt there, but that might've been pushing it for an actual well written SU script and also tv movie
Fuck off you mudslime cunts. Keep out of Europe.
fuck off shills and wtf gannons? JFK jr isnt he dead? or is it not gannon and someone trying to larp as him?
JFK jr is Q and is trying to help Trump defeat the deep state. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
myspace reached absolute peak around 2006, and then proceeded to die rapidly throughout 2007 and the final nail was in 2008 when Facebook got massively popular. Obama and the glowniggers didn't kill it, Zuck did.
@alien how old are you? This had happened before fam, only thibg thats different are the flip flopping sjws screeching louder
Imagine not being Jewish and it's almost 2020. Have fun going broke you stupid goyim.
To Anon F. U. C. K. I S L A M
To Anon Islam will not take over for this is Judgment Day and you are fucked up Hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, 7 BILLION 729 MILLIONS Get ready to go to Hell real soon and be judged by the ONE AND ONLY
Saw 2 videos who blew me away One 2 gays fucking in the street standing The other à black south African kills on tape another black, a migrant from Nigeria with a machete This world is doomed, get ready for the end of Times. We are all going to die, so enjoy
MySpace was dead before that @gannon, where did you larp that up from?
It might even be a push for 'native' religion dependant on country, to rise. It still amazes me that such a barbaric thing could survive and yet it makes no moves to modernise and kills those who did when trying to bring it forward like the west.
Obama and the CIA destroyed MySpace. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Nah, thats just the hip trend at the moment because of ((woke)) political correctness, theres gonna be another kneejerk and itll go to another, dint forget youve got the Indians, chineese and jewish to contend with. Christianity might make a comeback, but were well over due a world war to purge
Islam will take over the world and there is nothing you infidels can do to stop it. Accept the fact that there is no god except for Allah and that Muhammad (pbuh) is his prophet. Accept Islam and be saved from the eternal hellfire.
Hey anons, hope you have a good day.
owo what's this?
communism will win :)
Reading some of the posts freaks you out 😱
Gab is bad but not as bad as libertyrush dot com. That site is MAGAtard boomerville, Smdh! When it comes down to it 100 percent of conservatives are Boomer cucks. Sad. Millennials will never be conservatives and vote for the GOP ever.
Gab is a waste of bandwidth to be honest. It's never been a unique concept or anything else. It's just another shitty wannabe twitter clone made by some kike.
Gab is a racist shithole. Nothing of any value was lost and the Fediverse is better for its absence.
Beauty products. Laser hair removers are the best shit to sell, or anything that "removes" wrinkles. Made a few grand doing this a couple years back.
I want to make more money drop shipping chinkshit but I don't know what products impulses buying boomers on facebook will like
>good things in personal life >outside, its getting just as bad if not worse these days
Gab is dead. The fediverse is dying. The whole internet is slowly becoming the matrix via the Government. It's time to unplug and go enjoy and appreciate what you have in your personal lives. Farewell everyone. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Hitler wasn't a bad man, he just did bad shit for what he saw as the greater good. He wasn't always right, but I don't think he was a bad person at the core.
From what I seen, his perspective was off often
he was only a bad guy because history isn't written by those who lose wars.
A good artist though
He wasa bad guy
My insides are in agony
Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.
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