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Привет Отборст!
it wont happen ganon, they have too much sway in money, politics and who they know. unless its another jfk thing where she knows too much and its a "tragic accident" happens, youd be more likely to get fucked over than her.
I have done enough digging into the information about Epstein and his associates that I believe that now I have more then enough information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Morning fellow outburst Chads. How are we all doing today? I've got a list of stuff to get to work on, hence the early start, but I'm looking forward to getting my day rolling. Hope everyone else is working on something productive today as well.
because for the most part they are idiots who dont like big change out of outdated social norms or want to think of anyone else other than themselves with basic shit thats not a big deal.
Why do boomers blame everyone else but themselves for everything that is wrong in the world? And why do they hate technology but yet they love the shit out of the Television?
Did you have a stroke there anon?
imagine being an unbased, cuckpilled & cringe whiteknight homoniggercuckfienddoublecuck without any cream. black, like my men.
Happy fourth of Jew lies!
Stfu ganon and go back to talking about gab you retarded cunt. If you can't do that then please go kys.
I was on Fort Hood for a few years. I got interested and actually went through a few of them. They're glorified sewer tunnels. Most Army bases have them, for emergency fallout shelters.
Fort Hood is known to have a huge underground tunnels from the cold war. Rumors are those tunnels are made for human sacrifices. Story about the female soldier murdered adds up to the rumors of satanic human sacrifices in the tunnels. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
Live. You have a conscious existence. It is hard. But there are so many things to experience. So many sensations, sights, and sounds. You can make it and I believe in you. Remember to sweat the small stuff.
There really is no point to keep on living. I only looked forward to see you so I guess it's time to go now. Tonight
I'm pretty ground down this week. I've been suffering with really bad anxiety episodes and my overall mental health isn't really all that great. I'm a bit scared that there may be something more serious wrong with me that I'm not aware of. I don't trust taking meds, n counseling does nothing for me.
If you dont like dragon pussy there always other flavors thats not scaly, maybe some big anime tiddies with the wide hips and muscley thighs that could crush your head like a watermelon.
Draw some big dragon pussy anon, big badonkadonka, scaly milkers
got some benzos and end it all. I can't take this shit anymore.
Take your meds Ganons, nobody believes you anymore. Fuck off you schizo!
Finders cult. Dutroux affair. Jimmy Saville. Boystown, Nebraska. Epstein. They are all connected to the elites, especially to the Clinton family. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
i love fat black titties
Can people stop chimping out for once? As much as people say humans are civilized, at any given chance its straight into acting like a pack of animals.
(((They))) are attempting to control the information leaking about the FBI. The Rothschilds are expanding investment in anti-American activities. You cannot trust the Hebrew. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
i could never get into death note, just never kept me interested enough to force myself to watch it.
Mello is a really good death note character.
While everyone was paying attention to the Marxists destroying statues, no one has noticed about Pedo police officers getting busted this week. (((PIZZAGATE))) is real and Q was right About the Pedorings! Trust the information and follow the $$$$
I deleted 250 gigabytes of anime. it was good
I am so glad that I didn't have the Internet when I was a child. imagine how much garbage I would post
🛴😮😜🐱 🏍🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴
Everyone is a glow nigger! Ha! America is finished and can't be saved, you all might as well be doing what I have been doing, playing vidyas and watching porn. And Gab is still a honey pot for the FBI. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Thats what a glow nigger would say
The information from Prophet can not be trusted. He is the glow nigger. Only ganon can be trusted. All hail ganon
what do you think would close it (((prophet)))
The Culture War is lost. Western Civilization is unsalvageable. Welcome to the collapse.
c̷l̴o̶s̶u̵r̷e̵ ̴i̵n̵ ̵t̸h̴e̷ ̸n̶e̶a̵r̴ ̴f̴u̵t̸u̷r̵e̵.̸ ̸P̵r̸e̵p̷a̵r̸e̷.̶
G̴r̸e̸e̵t̵i̴n̴g̶s̸.̷ ̸I̸ ̴c̴o̷m̷e̴ ̶t̶o̵ ̴y̷o̴u̷ ̸w̷i̵t̷h̵ ̷u̸n̷f̶o̷r̵t̴u̵n̷a̴t̸e̵ ̸n̶e̶w̶s̶.̶ ̷I̷ ̶h̶a̵v̵e̴ ̶r̴e̵c̶e̸i̵v̵e̶d̶ ̸a̴ ̷v̴i̶s̴i̵o̴n̴ ̷t̵h̸a̴t̴ ̸d̴e̴p̵i̶c̴t̸s̴ ̶O̵u̶t̴b̶u̷r̶s̶t̸'̸s̶ ̷c̵l̵o̷
I'm many things but I am not a glowie. I'm a conspiracy theorist. I believe that Soros is doing everything he can to destroy America for his agenda via Democrats, BLM, and Antifa. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Friendly reminder that black people aren't the problem, niggers are the problem. There's a big difference between an upstanding hard working black man and a nigger in the same way there's a difference between an upstanding hard working white man and a piece of trailer trash. BLM are terrorists.
Newfag detected
http : // nigle . com
i hate black people
Ganon you are a glownigger. Fuck off from here.
What should be done is better training to deescalated situations with cops than straight into violence or discharging their weapons on petty shit that dont need the severe action taken. Consequences for police should be held high with real disaplinary action enforced than to lie or coverup their
I love you
President Trump needs to grow a pair and send in the Marines to deal with Antifa and BLM. Time for him to use the Patriot Act on them and declare Martial Law in America. Give the Marines orders to shoot to kill. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
Defunding the police won't do anything you guys literally have like 46829 different types of police
Fuck Stalin, the police, my father and gatorade
Capitalism literally killed ppl and lead to all that's happening rn in the usa so I don't think a revolution would be that much of a wrong thing to dream about Arm yourself and shoot some capitalists If soviet russia is your only point against this you are invited to my ball sucking party next wee
Ignore the riots and the information from the MSM. Pay attention to the Strange things going on in America such the mass disappearance of people in America. And to hitch hiker be careful there's a possibility of a serial killer running around in Chicago. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
Read the FAQ, nigger. If you make a call-to-dox and follow-through with it you'll end up getting your posts deleted. It's one of the few rules on here.
I'm so confused, nothing makes sense anymore, it feels like the world is accelerating.
Isn't that just the racewar that blm is pushing for?
So, 2020's been hilarious so far. What's next? My money's on World War 3 before the year's out.
Ganon has been on here for a pretty long time, used to go on about gab when that was a thing, some of it was common knowledge other bits just interesting info with that shit show. Lightseeker (if im remembering right) was another that did similar. How many old fags are still here?
Who is Ganons? Where does he live? And what does he do for a living? And when did he first appear? Who wants to find out with me?
How have you been ganon? Been keeping well with rona causing mischief worldwide?
go suck a dick Gaynon
You all are a great bunch of faggots. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
yes, i am a notable redditer and if u post an opinion i dont like i –WILL– use my upboats and standing to downboat u! possibly posting a devastating yet factually inaccurate critique in ur thread to cement my victory!
also god is dead and has been dead for a long long time
all cops are bastards and abolish the police
it would also be nice if yanks didnt force their politics onto every other country when things dont run the same in your ghetto hoods. ever since things have gotten more americanised, theres been more and more "we waz kangs, everything is whities fault" instead of getting their shit together like
Stop tearing our hoods apart. You niggas are worse than the so called racists that you claim are wanting us dead. Blacks and whites gotta work together for a better tomorrow. You crying ass niggas are keeping us all in the past. You're a slave to your own mind nigga.
it oddly makes me happy that the US has gone to shit.
Go Back to the ghetto Raz Simone. That's where you belong. Trust the information and follow the $$$$.
This is my platform. Need to get the message out there. People, there is freedom in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. There is safety. There is food. Come here, and help us build a better tomorrow.
poop haha xD
Anyone know? If not, Cho will beat yo arse
sure, we can be friends, but first you share your deepest darkest secret. my DDS is: I don't mind people dying hehehehhehehehehhe quirky, right?
I aM QuIrKy, WiLl YoU bE mY fRiEnD???
gnfos is the best movie
I don't hate anyone apart from the police and niggers. Black people and other minorities are some of the most hard working honest people I've ever met. Niggers drag blacks down and make things worse for everyone, including their own communities.
I hate authorities and minorities
I fucking hate kids, i just want to walk homewith my bf without getting harassed or followed. I have nothing to defend myself with, i cant fight and it makes me feel worse than shit if something does end up happening. Im 5' fuck all and a chick, i just want shit to go right for once without it
gay niggers from outer space
This is a message from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. We're coming for you. We will reclaim America for workers and the marginalized.
Be Thankful to God for all the good things in your lives. And be humble.
Yo hitch hiker, stay away from Chicago and go live on the countryside of America. All the major cities are level 5 shitholes.
The feds are behind the scenes of the riots. They are the ones who helped created BLM and Antifa and let them loose upon the American people. Enjoy the show and always trust the Intel from #Ganons
thanks everyone. i just got a greyhound ticket back to chicago. i will be back home by tomorrow morning.
hitchhiker, go to the greyhound bus station to get back home.
Yo hitch hiker bro. Get to the train lines. That's your surest way back to Chicago. Stay the fuck out of Detroit at the minute. There's a level 5 happening going on there at the moment.
once the police are defunded, America will become such a hellhole that the United Nations have no choice but to come in to save America from itself Trust the information and follow the $$$$
So are we getting larpers on here again? I gotta say im hating how everywhere is becoming americanised. Things are not exactly the same compared to other countries but its sure going down hill like it.
print("Listen here, nonbeliever. You just need to trust the plan.") print("Q is telling the truth")
Conspiracy theories are like boy wombs.
trying to ditch my ride in detroit and return back home to chicago. what would be the best method to do this? and how should i do it?
why is it hard to get the fuck out of the shithole known as detroit?
yellow snow is delicious
No shit Ganons. Next you'll be telling us that the sky is blue and that we shouldn't eat yellow snow. The whole country is in fucking turmoil, and you stupid cunts have spread your autism to the UK, Europe, Australia, and pretty much fucking everywhere else. Thanks for that, you fat knob heads.
America is fucked. trust the information and follow the $$$$.
I don't mean to get political, but what is a women?
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