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also wasnt saying weed and alcohol is exactly the same, just its more tame compared to other drugs and alcohol, should be done in moderation. also a slippery slope on the "people who drink arent alcoholics" can easily go to full cope mode. social drinking to only get a buzz isnt bad, same with weed.
i have the opposite with a lot of my mates, they are borderline alcoholics, but yea, that balance of not doing it with weed is a problem, like drinking its fine for social, but when it becomes only drinking/smoking weed, then there something that needs a push to reflect and reduce it.
the new stuff i think is just text, got to a point where i caught up with robot rose, but then havent been bothered to catch up with any new update after that. pretty wild hussy turned into an E-boy tho, but then it doesnt really surprise me with his ego
Home stuck is drivel too. Who reads that shit? Isn't it just a serious of Microsoft paint comics by a guy who takes his so called art way too seriously?
The "alcohol is exactly the same as weed" argument is horse shit. Most people who drink alcohol aren't alcoholics, where most people I know who smoke weed smoke way too much of it. There is a difference.
Fuck, that reminds me i need to read the updates
I want to hold jade homestuck in my arms very gently
Fuck im tired, that post came out more of a mess than I wanted it
This whole corbid thing has been wild with relationship ships and it still brings up the big thing of if you dont like hanging out with your partner, then why are you with them? I my relationship is weird because weve never had a fight, but normie couples are the real weird relationships
I just don't want my relationship to almost end like 3 years ago, but I have a really bad feeling about this year. If you're reading this please root for me.
i guess you don't really want to see me as much as i want to see you. maybe you could do a little more effort? that would be great. fuck your family and covid.
Weed and edibles are pretty tame, now if it were the hard stuff that actually ruins lives, than thats a different story.
I bet you don't have the same opinion when it comes to alcohol, why does it have to be different?
Weed smoking is degenerate. You're probably an adult. Just grow up already you fucking loser.
No gf and no weed is worse, at least you have something anon...
I've done that before as well, only it was my male friend when we were in highschool.
>tfw no gf who smokes weed and plays Fallout all day
yesterday i put a skirt on and let my girlfriend finger my ass
Covid’s out here ruining lots of relationships.
I don't think my brain is healing, i just want to think clearly
I don't think my wrist is healing, i just want to draw
tiktok and sleeping makes time go by faster. then just waiting for life to end
Fuck, getting sick in a pandemic is bullshit, its not corvid, just a fucked throat and sinus
>tfw Nekopara came out 6 years ago
What would be the easier way to commit suicide? No easy access to guns
4/20 today
tfw no high elf gf to oppress the lower races with
>tfw no boiwife Why live?
We all see capitalism as wrong. What do you see as the next step? And firstly how do you overthrow trump?
It must be really uncomfortable to sit down, having no ass and whatnot
>beta symbol
I'm neither a tits guy or an ass guy, I'm more of a guy with no tits or ass
You had to just go and say it, didn't you faggot? You've jinxed us now. Thanks for causing another 50 years of silence.
oh wow its slowly getting lively again on here
Nice that this exists. I miss tokumei tho.
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
Is this a to-do app?
just sleep it will make time go faster
Oh man, I made some three ingredient chocolate cake tonight with the mrs. Shit was fucking cash.
only tried cooking for need and baking for edibles which right isn't an option, isolating with pretty close minded family, I can only imagine the reactions to the smell
I've been cooking and baking a lot more often. Ever tried your hand at that Anon?
i just farted
So what are some good ideas for making time flow faster during this isolation?
who would've thought? always heard people say how small the world is but never seen it happen online
I just had a look at that peelopaalu thing, and the person who owns it is one of the same people that owns outburst. 'Snooper' is one of the two admins here. That's kind interesting. Nice little site.
peelopaalu . neocities . org Seemed fun to poke around during isolation boredom
I found a list of sites that won't appear on any search engine, kind of sharing cool hidden places on the web and outburst was one of them
It's hard to understand the order of the messages on the desktop version of you scroll a bit I guess
what did he mean by this?
I'm having a bad time trying to make sense of this website's layout.
@jucx, the answer to fixing and recomfy-ing Outburst is to invite and draw new people in. How did you even find this place? I've been a lurker here for like a year and a half maybe? I knew a guy who knew one of the site founders when I was in college.
Yeah AMERICA, we'll talk in about 2 months to see how much of that USA #1 still stands
Just discovered it today but it seems like a really cool hanging place, at least if the people around aren't just using the anominity for the sake of shitposting
sometimes @jucx. this place used to be incredibly active when it was a small board where a bunch of uni students and shitposters came to chat about various things, but now it's just a ghost town. it's quite sad to see that it fizzled out.
Is this board ever useful/interesting? Are any discussions maintained?
I can't find someone to quarantine and chill..
Learn how to speak English, Mohammed.
You all should just quit your useless life’s, you pieces of shit.
@Ganons, shut up and go back to talking about Gab and stop talking like you are Q.
peepee poopoo haha penis butt
I m only try this website.
The relief bill is being stalled because Pelosi wants to throw in give me dats into the bill. And it will be passed by Congress with the give me dats and bailouts for the 1 percent added in. Their is nothing the American people can do to stop it. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
UK, i dont think its been taken as serious as it should, pretty much on lock down now that shouldve been sooner. Back home in aus, it's about 2-3weeks behind in terms of actions taken to help prevent the spread.
I'm sorry to hear about that Anon. Where are you? Things have gotten bad here in Germany very quickly. I feel that we are not dealing with this very well in Europe as a whole.
Ive lost my job as of today now
[🚗🍵🍔🍟] 🦂
Anyone on outburst have the kung flu? I'd like to hear from some people who're experiencing this shit firsthand
compassion is important, don't let anyone tell you it isn't
All im doing is smoking weed and playing games
Holy fuck, Ganons?! You're still alive? Where the fuck you been man? You're the Outburst equiv of an oldfag at this point aren't you?
The Wuhan Virus aka the Chinese Virus was created by the CCP to destroy the Hong Kong protesters originally but instead it will destroy all of mankind. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
sally sells sea shells by the sea shore
Boomers deserve the corona virus for being so fucking thick-headed about how serious it is.
shitting rn
id been keen to read more greens, i still have a few stories to write and do a few sketches to go with them. be neat to see how youd do world building stuff for oc stuff
Is there any feeling comfier than taking a big fat shit after a cup of coffee in the morning?
Trust the plan. -Q
Go and suck on Becca fanny why dont yah
Yes. Don't let others dissuade you. Practice makes perfect.
I am a songwriter, but nobody liked my music, and I was bullied. So I stopped. Should I start it up again?
i like to take HUGE COCKS IN MY FICKUN G ASS OPKRYGKRTOYHKT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sometimes, but it's more a feeling of melancholy for me. I mistook it for loneliness for quite a few years though. Turns out I was just unsatisfied in my shitty job I had at the time.
Does anyone else feel lonely even when you have people around.
Were you an alright writer anon?
Writing can be fun, ive written some too, but the cringe really depends on if its just pure thirst fuel crap that doesn't hold up on a second reread of it, or going full autistic with making those well known characters marysue or completely ooc for porn with shitty cheesy lines.
I also wrote several other pornographic stories about Sonic characters, Transformers, TNMT characters, bikermice and more. I regret all of this immensely now that I am in my late 30's and have a wife and two children of my own. If I could go back in time and slap myself I would.
I wrote one of the most popular Sally Acorn pornfics on the internet in the late 90's, and had it briefly become the most popular pornographic sonic the hedgehog story on fanfiction•net around the year 2000. I've had this cringe on my mind for almost 20 years now and wanted to get it off my chest.
Dragon 🅱ussi
Cocks Anime Gay sex
Bustin makes me feel good
is anyone preparing for coronavirus? one of the people infected by a rogue spreader the government hasn't found was very close to where I live
My chest feels weird
i'm happy, finally
I'm pretty happy with how this commission is turning out, not much left to paint in and refined to finish it off
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