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Gab's securities fraud is like robbing a bank. It seems like a good way to get two million dollars with just a few weeks work, but it will end badly. Trust the information and follow the $$$$ and remember that I AM THE LAW !
Instead of saying dumb shit that takes away from out the shit hole that is gab and its knowing what hes saying and not him just using buzz words to be this 'ebin 1337 haxor'
JudgeDread is not a messiah, he is a false prophet. Only Jesus Christ is the messiah. Read your bible. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can save you.
Don't talk shit about our messiah please, thank you
As judge that is, though it just feels like hes larping with recent posts
He was outed as that months ago, how is that new news?
Gnome sayin is "know what I'm saying?" Anon. Also, holy shit, ganons is dread? I follow him on gab, lol.
>gnome sane
UX? Dont you mean UI?
Gab attempts to launch their Mastodon clone, trashing everything done to date. Ironically because they are taking the work of much smarter people it will probably be substantially more secure and stable - except for the parts they rewrite to conform to Gab's wretched shit UX. I am the Law
I cum it with the doo-wop...
>gnome sayin - holy fuck thanks you double nigger now I can never unhear that. My side's are in orbit.
Sheeeeit, fuck dat sheeit nigga. Yo, check'is shit out, G. I gots allda hoes, gnome sane? Sheeeit....
nigga you should change your name to bismuth with all that edge. welcome to outburst either way, lol
yeah. I'm 12, boomer.
wholesome fembot9000, i hope you find a good thing again too
ow the edge, what are you twelve @dan East?
@Oldie Fine by me. I'll stick around for good. Fuck Gab, fuck Minds, & of course fuck the mainstream "social media" sites. Oh, and fuck the Anon that called me a cunt. I'm gonna find you and bomb your house, & then I'm gonna steal your car and run you over. I have connections, bitch. >:(
what is there to feel bad about? you've found happiness with someone and you're not used to it? that's normal but dont make the mistake i did and rob yourself of happiness because you were formerly too used to a shitty thing. love that good person every day and dont let go of that love. <3
I dont know how to process this, im happy and in a loving relationship where im supported and able to express myself. I still cant wrap my head around it, is this what being a good relationship is ment to feel like, i still cant believe they genuinely love me for me and i kinda feel bad but also not
I don't know what to do with myself, tfw in a positive, supportive relationship. It feels weird that things are going good and not just one massive shit show where im not allowed to have feelings and forced to take care of everyone but myself without feeling selfish. I-is that a normal feeling to
vannedand - Absolutely beautiful. Nice work friend. 10/10.
it aint a work in progess you cunt we just dont want people to post cp and get v&'d
Oh, and btw - You can email us securely with PGP if you don't wish to use socialmedia. View our contact page for more on that. We're always accepting suggestions for new features if you have any ideas, so feel free to contact us. Thanks for checking us out, hope you stick around!
Oldie *more or less* gets it. Outburst is not a social network. We're more of a text board that people *use* in a social-kinda-way @Dan East. If you're having issues with certain links/URLs, message us @Outburst_it on Twitter or @Outburst on Gab and we *may* whitelist the domain in a future update.
@Dan, Outburst doesn't allow images & direct hot-linking due to how the site works (absolutely 0 user info is recorded & as a result bans are not a thing on here). From what I know, it was a precautionary measure to prevent illegal content from being directly posted. Imgur links do work though.
Sorry! Didn't realize this site is still a work in progress. Will be visiting often and consistently nonetheless. Great community. Fuck Gab and Minds.
Ask Torba how many daily active users Gab has. I've been on Gab since October 2016. Gab back In November 2016 had 50,000 active users. Gab today is a pale shadow of what it was then, trended with 300 active users and thousands of bots now. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
You can't post links or images here? This shit sucks!
I had a feeling it was that but I wasn't overly sure. It seems like a bit too obvious to be that with how cryptic he is.
Probably 'Gab' and 'Anons' combined, isn't this obvious?
btw, I've always wanted to ask. What does "ganons" mean? The curiosity is killing me.
Based Ganons. Glad you're not bailing on us homie. You know, there's actually a big plus to you being revealed as Dread. It gives you the ability to cross-platform post and drive more people here to see your message. Means you don't have anything to hide anymore.
@Anon if you don't believe me, just read my post that I post on Gab under my username @JudgeDread I post all that I know on Gab or check me out on freeextremistspeech
How do you know that? Is this more larping?
Torba is not in prison yet because Gab is now a fed honeypot and they are stringing him along. Once they round up a few more hotheads (FBI is now paying regular visits to Gab rageposters) they will indict him and Gab will shut down. Trust the information and follow the $$$$ , I ain't leaving you all
the only thing thatll fuck if anonymity here is if you namefag or have your typing quirk/style picked out from the rest of the anon posters here so i dont know what your on about anon but also >implying internet is only a yank space you absolute pleb. its no wonder everyone hates americans
Face it: Unless you've gone to Herculean efforts to impeccably preserve your online anonymity, you have no anonymity - not even here; traitors and spies (especially pedophiles) are rewarded the most by the kike. The US ZOG is a proxy for Israel. NSA's motto: In God we trust, everyone else we watch.
We met on strange circumstances all those years ago, but I'm still glad that we both checked into the same hotel together. Thanks for the last 7 or 8 years my dude, and here's to many more.
🦂🥂🐉{3000 get
fuck i love joke bot
Someone's trying to push the wall to 3,000 I see :^)
Why shouldn't you make jokes about dwarves giving fellatio? It's a bit of a low blow...
"I've always turned my anger inwards towards self-destruction." - Mackenzie Phillips
Q: What do you have with Dick Cheney, Dick Morris, and Dick Nixon in the same room? NSFW A: Way too much cock and bull.
God this is dumb, are you going to 'delete yourself' thought you didnt give a fuck about that gannon, thought you were a truth seaker to shadey cunts like torba. You've greatly disappointed me gannon
"Every building is a prototype. No two are alike." - Helmut Jahn
If you've been exposed as a certain person, doesn't that actually liberate you and open you up to out even more shit across multiple platforms? Being outted doesn't make your message any less important. Remember that, G-man. Use this to your advantage.
It doesn't matter if people know what your other alias is. Please keep exposing Torba for us, the people.
Congratulations to Disaronno for figuring out who I am. Everyone please give thanks to Disaronno. This is my last post. I'm out of here. I have been exposed. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
I think it's painfully obvious who Ganons and Lightseeker are. Back a few months ago I came on this site when there was a bunch of drama between gab users and outburst users, and I think someone actually posted that dredd and loli were ganons and lightseeker respectively.
A lady friend asked me back to her place to chat about conspiracy theories... Orwell, you know.
#Ganons can't stop bullshiting. I even know #Ganons real identity, #Ganons is really JudgeDread from Gab and #Lightseeker is loli from Gab. Just look at their own post from Gab and compare the post on here to one another.
Same here tbqh. I like seeing Ganon and Lightseeker post on here, but I don't like billy bullshitters. I'd rather they just report on stuff they know about as opposed to LARPing as 1337hax0rs. Please continue as you did before guys. Don't lower yourselves to bullshit.
Gotta say my respect and view of gannon and lightseeker has dropped significantly now, you guys have dropped the ball pretty hard
Haha anal sex emirate?
Seen on a prison wall: "VIRGINITY who says you can only lose it once?"
Was just about to post this, lol. Get a load of this newfaggot.
>Mods >On Outburst
@Ganons that just sounds like people with weak shitty passwords. Whoever you're paying to do this shit is ripping you off. You can do that shit yourself. I dunno what the rules on here regarding discussing this sort of shit are though, so sorry if I'm breaking any rules modfags.
I wear my glasses to the liquor store in an effort to appear responsible.
"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
Then thats just more users with shitty passwords
The hackers that I deal with, they are brute forcing it to crack passwords. I rather have some people do the hacking then doing it myself. But they do report back to me on what they find out from the mission. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Hey girl, are you a derivative? Because I'd like to examine the slope of your curves
my heart feels like its being squeezed, not but organs but by a hand. i don't know why i kept getting these weird sensations
Where did Susie go during the bombing? Everywhere.
Jesus loves me, but I told him that I could never date a pool boy.
Anons of outbursts, what do you call the prank where to pull down the pants of another person? Ive always known it as 'Dacking' but lernt from my partner that where hes from its called 'kegging'
Inb4 you all get us a visit from the party van over your LARPing. Can we change the subject pl0x?
Like, if your not the one doing the 'hack' the how do you know its shit?
Than that kinda doesn't help with the whole 'hacking' thing imo, are they brute forcing it to crack passwords, is it just an easier code to decrypt the string? Its just making you both sound like idiots to me with that
#Ganons doesn't do the hacking, he hires someone else to do that. But it's true, toko is a side project of Torba's family and friends. Enjoy the show and as #Ganons would say trust the information and follow the $$$$
..w has been done to secure it better, i donnoe i think ive seen too many of the 'elite hacker man' memes where its just dumb shit and not actually rummaging through the site code to fuck with it and gain access to the sites information with users data and profiles
So is it that it has little to no incription? Every time I hear both of you use 'hacking' it just makes me think of a normie that doesn't know what it is. I take the those site are make from a template to just be able to make it a pump and dump for user information, so not real thought or know ho
Sometimes all of this #Ganon shit gets boring. No one care's about gag
The codes for the user profiles are child's play to fuck with, and the security codes on the site are a joke. You should try it @anon. Toko is a sad side project paid by Torba and ran by builder. I was able to find out the info from my hacks into the site. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
What do you mean by hack? Is it more vulnerable in the code with securing profiles/users? Or the site overall to fuck with the code to make it work?
Toko(dot)tech is dead. The site only has 112 users and only 3 active users. Their site is just as lame and easy to hack just like Gab. Enjoy the show. And as #Ganons would say trust the information and follow the $$$$
What do you mean by "hack into" @Ganons? Torba isn't still using that shit "God is good" related password for everything is he? Before anyone slams me with "muh data protection" - This is already common knowledge at this point. It's been reported on by news outlets and shit.
Porn hub is based, they actually care which is kinda weird for a porn site
Gab has only 2,000 real users, the rest are feds and bots. I already checked the information, gab's security is child's play anyone can hack into the site without even trying. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
Gab is dying, long live pornhub
What do you mean by that anon, if that reference to post below, i just dont see whats the point of the whole cuck thing, it just seems unnecessary and doesn't really add anything then being like a dumb 13yr old kid trying make a sick burn but fails
I didn't know that Andrew Torba used Outburst.
I dont see why it needs to be brought up all the time even if she is or isnt one
nah ganons is right lets fuck torbas whore wife
Why do you always being torbas wife into it gannon? Just sounds like a dick move to do it all the time kinda brings to torba's level of scummy dead shit behaviour.
Shout out to the Jewish Internet Defense Force @ thejidf dot org...is a nice cross-reference to fakehatecrimes dot org.
@anon I am fine #Lightseeker and I have been busy double teaming Torba's wife and finding out more about his scam sites Gab, Dissenter and his friend Builder 'a scam site toko(dot) com. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
How have you been gannon, its nice seeing you post more frequently again
This is Outburst #Ganons. No one can tell you what to write about. If you want to write about Gab, go ahead. You have the freedom to do whatever you want.
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