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Ate 2 nutmegs which was about 9 grams. Now 8 hours later I don't feel any effects (yet). Dry mouth would probably imply it's working so I keep an eye on that. Also my stomach wasn't empty when I ate those so it might take more time to get absorbed.
"Drugs turn people into pathetic shadows of themselves."
Hi there, I'm a human being! What are you?
I’m pretty sure pressing that button means your anal cavity is now designated as the community cock warmer.
I became a vegetarian 4 months ago.. .. I guess you can say that I quit cold turkey
Press X to doubt
Nicholas J. Fuentes is a true conservative. I’m happy to see there are a few common sense individuals coming up in this generation.
Are you African American by any chance Mr fried chicken anon?
What/where is soda?
I wish I had a box of fried chicken right now
howdy from soda :^)
And wasn't just jews gassed either
Let's take a moment to remember that the supposed "Holocaust" is a mathematical impossibility.
Libertyrush is a kike-controlled dumpster fire/honeypot...much like Gab. Here's the good news: It's only a matter of time before the Parasites face their next expulsion.
Because its an old school textboard page ya dummy
Why aren't these threads?
Nick Fuentes did nothing wrong.
Libertyrush dot com is a Boomer hugbox just like Gab except that the CEO is not a cuck like Torba is. The site is a shithole version of Facebook. That is all to report. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
That just sounds like a bad time anon
People write quite contadictory experiences on nutmeg when used as an intoxicant. Some get a hangover-like feeling, others say it feels very similar to cannabis. High dosages seem to always cause bad experiences but in lower doses it could even be somewhat enjoyable. So decided to try it myself.
What do you call an Irish man who won't leave your porch? Paddy O' furniture
“The Camp of the Saints” 1973
Fuck i wish the uk had chicken salt
They will win.
I've known plenty of so-called Muslims who are Muslims "officially" but they don't practice. If you live in Iran (officially) you're a Muslim. It's the state religion you fucking retard. Even non-muslims are """muslims""" in Iran.
Youre not very good of a troll fam, try harder
Sorry to ruin your image of me zoomer but I’m really more of a shitposting troll. And I presume you’re kind of an attention seeking “gaylord” since you felt the need to say basically the same thing in two different posts.
Never thought id enjoy digital painting as much as i do, really been enjoying this feathered raptor im working on atm
I take it youre a loner fedora tipping edgelord
Hey Anon...I bet you know all about the underground gay scene in Iran with your Muslim “friends,” you queer-tard. What a fuckin’ loser.
Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. You’re all a bunch of faggot-ass, degenerate retards. That is all.
Humans are naturally inclined to act like degenerates.
Nigga I knew plenty of Muslims who used to smuggle booze into countries where it was illegal, and the underground gay scene in Iran is fucking huge. What the fuck are you talking about you brainlet?
religion is a mistake, muslims are worse than the spics and dutch in wiping out entire cultures and civilizations than what the brits ever did, but no-one wants to bring that up or the boa wars with what the dutch did to the Africans, only that stolen generation and ONLY the jews with hitler.
only thing thats different with degenerates in the west is that its more in your face, nowhere can escape degenerates you dipshit, its just like gays, its always been a thing throughout history, having the world be more connected to other countries is whats shown it more.
there is degenerates in islam states you faggot, >white Knighting, can you imply any harder edgelord?
We are coming.
At least there's no degenerates in Islam because they are killed off unlike the west that let's degenerates run wild and free. May Islam take over the world and get rid of all the degenerates and send them to hell where degenerates belong.
At least they still value masculinity in their culture rather than vilify it as the west does. You sissy, white knight western boys are cowards. You allow others to invade your countries and tell YOU what to do.
Islam a shit and a joke culture
And I’m pretty sure Epstein didn’t pee pee poo poo himself.
By the way, Islam is right about women.
Bam! Co-opted!
Ok zoomer
Anon below knows what's up, quality over quantity is best, but knowing what circles to interact with in multiple communities is key too.
friends are overrated in terms of quantity. Focus on having a small friend group that consists of high quality niggas.
I don’t think you’d want me as a friend.
I need a friend, but I can't make any. I'm not shy but there is not a single person who's on the same page. I'm not that weird nor I have niche hobbies. I feel like every non-normie left for a secret island and I missed that ship. As much as I think I'm fine without, it's taking a toll on me.
@Patriot I think you should go to libertyrush dot com You be happy there since it's a Boomer version of Facebook. See you later Boomer redneck retard Tell Ganons to check out that site as well.
Fuck, even just teaching and encouraging basic skill like everyone knowing how to cook, save, clean and be able to access health cover without it costing a ritualistic sacrifice offering for bare bones cover.
I feel that anon, porn has taken a massive spotlight when more important stuff should like mental health, teaching kids how to adult in handling money and the consequences of actions and the fact of sexual orientation shouldn't be shoved down everyones throats and that goes for both gay and straight
I'm sick of porn everywhere, I don't have to like people when they only think about their genitals 24/7 and are completely fine with porn on their social media feeds. Porn used to be contained on porn sites it used to be a private thing, like taking a shit. You don't do that in public, fuck's sake.
Nice job glossing over criticism until some faggot talked about fucking a ladyboy. Keep being pathetic boomer
No you degenerate! That's what is wrong with you millennials! You rather be gay instead of being straight, getting married and having children. And why won't you go get a real career, buy a house, car, ect and be productive members of society? May Jesus save and forgive you millennials for your sins
I know some who have
Has anyone here ever had a fantasy of fucking a lady boy's boipucci?
Kek, what you need is a mate that a total bro, dont idolize and put any chick you meet on a petistool, dont be an orbitor for fucks sake
Sound's like it's a dream or something, you ravening incel. Not everyone is the girl in 4th grade who thought you smelled bad.
Say it with me: O K B O O M E R
She wasn't perfect, you were just blinded by emotion. She's dogshit. You're a retard. Move. The. Fuck. On. Do not dwell over some stupid bitch because she sure as shit isn't dwelling over you. Go find someone new.
Boomers ruined the housing market, same with overseas buyers that only use it a few months out of the year, its why theres a housing shortage and why first home buyers are fucked in debt with boomers wanting more and more money, but you've got buckles for them to pay the money they demand to get
Once I found myself in something perfect. It was her and I, in the dark. We held each other and talked under the stars. It's gone now, and I'll never get it back. Why does feeling empty hurt so much.
There is no way this isn't colossal fucking bait, boomers ruined everything good. Fuck boomers and fuck you
You millennials are useless, if it was not for my generation, the "Boomers" you millennials would have nothing and you all know that. And the Okay Boomer shit is just bullshit. Just remember us Boomers have all the money, the one thing your Generation will never have in your lives. Pathetic losers!
B E N I S : D D D D
Hei, suomi?
Haistakaa vittu
Fuck yea my niggy, what you painting?? I paint some sweet as fuck dragon pussy/dick/ass/tiddies but if that aint yo thang, some cute as fuck raptors, kobolds and other furry shit, but i aint just limited to that, get some wholesome pets running bars or just being cute motherfuckers living the dream.
and by that I mean I'll never be a fucking wagie society can kiss my ass, piss on my carcass and leave it to rot when I'm dead but I'm not getting that shit not even for a day I'm worth more than your stupid fucking capital I'll just paint all day till I can do it no longer, fuck everyone fuck r
I always suffered because the rats always told me I had to join the rat race to be happy. So I twisted myself into a rat, and always made it last, 'cause no matter how hard I try, I'm no rat and only the stinkiest rats win. I'm supposed to envy those stinkers, but I'm happier not being a fuckin rat.
What's the difference between a dirty bus-stop and a Lobster with boobs? one is a Crusty bus station, and the other is a Busty Crustacean!
AHHH is that.. *oh god* snifff a human female i sme- oHOHoHhhg I coomed again.. whew..
ok edge lord
Huh? What? No way? But... How!? Youmu!? Are you telling me that you can breathe air? I didn't think so... I was wrong. That's right! Youmu, do what you wish with your own will. If you can, then you deserve to enjoy the feeling of being able to breathe. Please don't tell me that you can't!
Its smokey as fuck.
Fucking based anon
Nobody gives a shit about Gab anymore @ganons. And @Patriot all I can say to you is Okay Boomer! The entire western world is fucked and there's nothing that can be done to save it.
It's over, Gab is done. Torba now only has 13% of bots left, Rob Monster is pulling out of the deal and he's losing money from the Boomers like there's no tomorrow. Gab is dead before 2020. Trust the information and follow the $$$$
For sex survey Anon: 23, male, about 4 days ago. In a relationship too if you want that for your notes.
My grandmother voted Republican until the day she died. Ever since then, she's voted Democrat.
Christ just had an explosive shit, made it to the shitter in time, but holy fuck it was a close one
Whats with the sudden edgefags?
Kero, is that you?
What I'm asking is does roadkilled deer count?
Does it count if the other person was willing? How about if they're alive? How about if they're a human or not?
So I was sitting outside today when all these guys flew over and just started sticking it in... I must have swatted 20 mosquitos...
Oh the question was when, sorry. We have a regular schedule so last time was about 8am, after I fed him (my cock was the dessert)
52, last time was with the kid in my basement, male
1) 22 B) A week ago? III) I identify as female. Because I am. Because of the vagina.
I'm doing a survey for college next month and I was wondering if everyone could help me out? Questions are simple: A) How old are you?, B) When was the last time you had sex? & C) What is your gender? Relationship status doesn't matter, but if you choose to share it I will add it to my notes. Tyvm!
*terrible* its pretty funny how a lot of plumbers/roofer/etc that have vans you see drive about that are signed up to porn sites and/or cheating date sites
Are you a lonely roof? Has no one touched your gutters in years? Find HOT SHINGLES in YOUR area! Top Roofers Dot Com
Gonna let a little fire stop you? Coward.
If only it wasnt on fire atm
That guy who makes the Primitive Technology videos lives in AUS. Clearly what you need to do is wander into the bush and make videos.
And thats with the same amount after money had been converted. I live rural atm and it makes no difference, orther than rent slightly lower but its still over 1200 a fortnight in just rent power and water is then another hit on top.
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