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Gay dungeon activities.
What the fuck is going on here
Holy shit, welcome back bruh. How you doin?
It's really amazing how Torba is saying that he created the fediverse and how Gab is the biggest instance of having one million users when those accounts are bots and dead accounts. Plus what happened to the 2 million dollar investment? Trust the information and follow the $$$$
I jut don't know anymore guys.
Tfw firefighters taking care of a loose cow when its more of a traffic/police issue to handle not the fucking firefighters to handle.
Police are fucking useless, protecting the guilty and wrong do-er all because "hes got it hard in life" or "you cant use past incidents against them" the worst part is when they dont want to 'put themselves in danger' to do thier fucking job
And so I really want us to become attuned to this intermediary that is not, in fact, objective in the way that we are being socialized to believe it is.
And the real danger that I try to highlight in the book is that it’s happening under the cover of a kind of veneer of objectivity, in which we’re less likely to question it, because it’s not coming from a racist judge sitting in front of you, or a racist teacher who’s doing something.
the neighborhoods that I grew up in were the target of ongoing over-policing surveillance, then that’s the data that’s used to train the algorithms to send police today, under the cover of a more objective decision-making process.
y—we’re told—more neutrally, objectively, send police to go, right—predictive-policing type of programs. But these software systems rely on historic data about where crimes happened in the past, in order to train the algorithms where to send police in the future. And so if, historically, th
And so that is one mode of white supremacist institutional racism, in which police are targeting some areas and another. Now fast forward to the present, where people, companies, organizations, are employing all types of software systems to predict where crime will happen, in order to more empirical
Never seen that blog before. I'll give it a read. Give me a quick brief on what it's about.
She's A+
disenchantedscholar dot wordpress dot com
Ganons has vanished and come back a few times. He ditched a few weeks back around the time someone called "insider" (who has also now stopped posting it seems) showed up and leaked some socialmedia insider knowledge. I miss seeing him post. Ganons was a little out-there, but he was based as fuck.
Anyone has any idea what happened to the ganons person? Is he alive or dead?
Bow-wow pork surprise very good price
I ate good from the asian restauraunt at the mall today and I think they gave me dog which they claimed was "sweet pork".
Have sex.
No one's interested in asking you anything, fuck off
Ook ook eek eek!
I'm a vintage incel from pre2010 (pre wizchan pre8chan pre-neor9k pre-reddit). Ask me anything.
Not having sex is indeed a reliable way to know the given person has failed in society.
*tips fedora*
Incels and the alike aren't new to society, and they play a very important role akin of those of bacteria in a decaying body: by breaking down all complex components, they allow the matter to be recycled once again in new form in the endless cyclical universe of appearances.
Instead, the Western nationalist became associated with the figure of the incel, a politically obtuse, entertainment-obsessed dunce, more often than not a closet pedophile obsessed with Japanese cartoons.
The "West" could maybe have thrived longer if free speech activists and neocons weren't screeching on the internet and TV everyday of the week against the menace of heathens, communists, so-called antisemites.
Being converted to objects of ridicule while their meaning is converted to the screeching of public clowns allows the social body to discard the word without attacking its still recognized old substance. Such words nowadays are censorship, free speech, free market, cuck, West, white, etc.
These values are what you could call deprecated values, values that still evoke respect but are usually replaced or transformed, their value being stocked into new words. Deprecated values are uncomfortable to deal with, as they are not to be discarded nor used.
I agree with previous anon with the never improve thing, makes you just as bad as sjw's
Btw, I think you're a bitter loser because you can't get laid, and instead of thinking "maybe I should improve myself," you blame everyone else for your problems. I hate fat people and niggers for exactly the same reason. The "never improve" mentality is fucking dangerous. Sort yourself out.
I haven't responded to you for like 4 or 5 posts. If you think that I think you're a bitter loser for hating women, you're wrong. I hate the vast majority of women (and people in general) as well - I get your logic for hating women, I just don't get your logic for hating *all* women. Enlighten me.
oh so you're just upset that I'm insulting your precious fucking women, who have never once in the history of humanity created anything worthwhile, who are incapable of supporting themselves without government assistance, who think that citing their emotions is valid logic for forming their beliefs
you sound like a subhuman anon, take your fedora off and go walk outside
Yet the fact that one has failed to engage in disgusting carnal frivolities with subhumans somehow indicates to you that that person is a "loser" who is doomed to some sort of unhappiness. All because of a refusal to engage in your self-serving rituals of hedonism.
I'm many things, but I'm definitely not a normalfag. Your stance just screams of "D-dude, I can totally get laid, I just don't want to, haha." Cope harder you bitter loser. I don't think you understand what hedonism really is. Not everyone's life revolves around wanting to get their cock sucked.
It's because you're a colorblind normalfaggot who can't understand concepts beyond hedonism.
so wizchan is just for social retards then? all im getting is a shitty version of furry autists drama.
Also worth asking, do you hate gays who have sex, or is it just women you don't like? I find the mindset you have pretty interesting, and I'd really like to understand why you have this take.
Because it makes my penis feel good, and not all women are complete whores. I'll give you credit where it's due, the vast majority these days tend to be thanks to media brainwashing normalfags into thinking that it's acceptable, but there are decent people still left out there anon.
Why would you want to have sex? Do you have some sort of mental disease where you're compelled to grow dependent to subhuman whores for your emotional satisfaction? Pathetic norp.
why would you not want to have sex? what are you? gay?
>and everyone there will literally never have sex that's the point you retarded normalnigger
question for the wizchan newfags, why do you hang around on wc? it's a fucking shit hole of a website, and everyone there will literally never have sex.
[JAIL VISITATION] WIFE: I got u a cake ME: U know I don't like sugar W: U need a BREAK, OUT of ur diet M: It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle
nothing is inferior to niggers.
women are inferior even to niggers
First ye gotta scruff it then ya gotta chuff it then ya gotta slef it then ye gotta JEFF IT
"Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving." - W. Clement Stone
"Reese Witherspoon is my everywoman. She's managed to have a family and this amazing career. That's the goal." - Emmanuelle Chriqui
Turbo autists
stinking nigger flesh burning in the sun; crucified niggers begging for death
Great, so were gonna be flooded with edgy faggots now?
Greetings from wizchan.
not that I DON'T torture dogs to death
The life of a nigger is worth less than the life of a dog.
cutting open a five year old and having sex with her rubbery intestines
Every self-proclaimed conservative's goal is to find power-wielding words to abuse them with little to no care. Quickly, these overused words lose all meaning and stop to shock. Whoever uses them becomes subject to laughter and ridicule, as the values stored in them know the same fate.
I have no fucking clue where all of these edgy newfags are from. Where did you lot find outburst?
this place needs some more kiddohurt tbh
hapaman veshtuli
what is this new feels now??
What are you? Twelve?
Fuck off double nigger.
What a bunch of retards
t. rotten fag
Name field has its uses. Removing it would be a mistake. The "command" thing is interesting, and it gives this place something unique.
name field should be disabled
my sides hurt from reading these posts
kill all niggers
ROTTEN FAG STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
They can't be terrorists because they are not an organized group whatsoever, they don't have a single common goal, if anything is not a WHITE problem but a MANLET problem.
i wanna cum in an east asian girl
We want to be paid, in a central bank the average worker farmer wage for all those years we gave it free. Plus we want damages, for all the killings and the fraud, the lynchings, the missing justice, the lies and frame-ups, the unwarranted jailings, the tar and featherings!
*faint giggling noises*
Children can consent as early as they understand the word.
Niggers and "latinos" are subhuman apes and need to be exterminated if the human race is to survive.
I hate you newman you betrayed us all
Shut up fucking loser
It still bewilders me how the fuck people come across outburst. Its not advertised in any capacity. I only know about it because I got invited here by a friend early on.
Take a trip to Japan and wash away your worries!
We got us some more newfags i take it
Also, the reason we only show the first 500 or so posts is because we want to give people an automatic "way to be forgotten"/right to be forgotten, since posts are never deleted once they're placed.
All of space, sudden as stone, an atomless glimpse. :snow whispers:
LMAO choccos!!1!!1
who made this load of aul P*SH!!!
incelmod was here
About 500 (?) posts or so can be seen at a time, but posts are never deleted.
remember when the internet was free? i do and i'm tired of social media and corporations ruining it. i remember when people made websites for entertainment and education, now it's just retards screaming on twitter about dumb shit and posting stupid memes pretending to be cool. fuck modern society!!
If memory serves, I think only 200 or 250 posts can exist on Outburst at any given time @anon before me.
Do posts here ever get pruned?
fucking yanks i swear, thinking they are the only country in the world
>in america >other countries exist anon
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