Whether you have a question or request, Outburst can be contacted at

We urge you to use PGP when contacting us, especially when your email contains sensitive information! You can read more about PGP in the section underneath if you don't know how it works. If you already know how it works, our public key can be viewed here.

What is PGP?

First of all: PGP doesn't have to be hard. A simple explanation of PGP can be read underneath:

"PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy,” and it's most often used for sending encrypted messages between two people. PGP works by encrypting a message using a public key that's tied to a specific user; when that user receives the message, they use a private key that's known only to them to decrypt it." - Source:

If you want to use PGP, you can do either of these two things:

  • you can either install & configure an email client that supports that supports PGP which is explained here, or;
  • you can use a simple online PGP encrypt tool like this one here. The encrypted message should start with: "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----"

Feature requests

So you have an idea for a feature? Great! Be sure to explain your feature request in depth, and read the Terms of service and FAQ pages to be sure your idea hasn't already been implemented.

Takedown requests

We do not take down any posts upon request, unless they violate our terms of service. If a post does violate the terms of service, please tell us why it does and what the contents of the post are (an exact quote is necessary).