Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I?

You’re on Outburst; a weird, random, and most importantly, totally uncontrollable platform that is 100% driven by the community. Nothing you say or do on Outburst is ever tied back to you, and your posts will not be deleted or pruned because of what you feel like sharing here. We’re a bit like the bathroom stall wall of the internet in that sense. Whole bunch of people writing a whole bunch of crazy stuff! (Check out House Rules on our Legal page for more info regarding post removals)

What kind of information does Outburst hold on me?

Nothing really. Only thing we hold onto is your post content, time you made said post, and that's it. No IP storing. No holding onto browser fingerprints. None of that nasty stuff. You are well-and-truly anonymous when sharing your thoughts with us. Don't believe us? Here's what one of your posts looks like in our database:

Unix time ftw! Who cares about 2038?

What are commands and how do they work?

Commands are little tools you can use to liven up your posts a bit, or otherwise have some more fun with your posts. They are formatted as a word between two colons, such as “:dice:” which will cause your post to randomly generate a number between 1 and 6 under your message like so:
  • User submits: “Hey, I wanna’ roll the dice! :dice:”
  • Site posts: “Hey, I wanna’ roll the dice! So you want to roll the dice, huh? Sure thing! Your number is 4!”
Our current command list consists of:
  • :dice: (which rolls a dice)
  • :yesorno: (which will give you a yes or no answer to a question)
  • :quote: (which will generate a random quote)
  • :joke: (which will generate a random joke)
However, there may be a few hidden commands here and there, so have fun playing around trying to figure those out!

Is there an Outburst app?

Nope, we don’t have an app as it’d be unnecessary when our website is as light-weight as it is, and we see no use in having you install anything on your devices from us.

If you want to add us to your home screen on Android or iOS, you can do so using this method for Android:

Or for iOS:

Can I delete my posts?

There is no way for you to delete a post you have made to Outburst, and as long as the post in question is not in violation of our legal policy or House Rules, we do not currently accept post removal requests, so make sure that you’re happy to share it with the world before you hit “Outburst it!”

Can I be banned from Outburst?

Nope. Even if you violate absolutely every rule in the book or within our legal policy, there is no way what so ever you will ever be banned down to the fact that we have no way of identifying our users. To find out why, please refer to “What kind of information does Outburst hold on me?”

Can I share a post made on Outburst via social media?

Sure thing! We currently support quick-sharing for Twitter and Tumblr. If you would like to see more sites added to this list, then feel free to contact us.

Can I share links to adult content on Outburst?

Sure, why not? As long as the content in question does not break any of our House Rules, then you should be all good!

I disagree with something someone said on Outburst. What can I do about it?

Engage in the conversation! Nobody ever resolved their differences by blanking the other party. You may learn something from one another!

What kind of content will be deleted on Outburst?

The only posts we will ever remove are the ones that are in direct violation of our house rules and legal policy. Refer to those for more in-depth details.

I want to share my great idea for Outburst! Where can I contact you guys?

Awesome! We love getting feedback, and we read every suggestion/idea that is sent our way. You can reach out to us on Twitter at @Outburst_it, or contact us through the contact page!

Outburst won't work on my device, what should I do?

Reach out! Contact us regarding any device compatibility issues by contacting us through the contact page, or reaching out to us on Twitter @Outburst_it. If brought to our attention, we will get onto these issues ASAP and give you an update as soon as we can.

I've found a bug! What should I do?

As with any other website, bugfixes are pretty high up on our "to-do" list. If you encounter any bugs, we'd love to hear from you. You can file a bug report by clicking here.