Do you feel the need to contact us? Please read the segments down below for more information.

Bug hunting

During our beta testing phases, Outburst will have a bug hunting bounty program. What are the bounties, you may ask? Well, since we're working on a $0 budget, money is not involved, but don't be disappointed yet; We'll be offering points.

Anyone who reports at least one bug to us will be listed on the 'Outburst is made possible thanks to these testers' page (again, with the long titles), but the more bugs you report, and the more critical they are, the more points you'll get. If we get enough bug reports, we'll rank testers by how many points they've accumulated, and list them based on the name they've submitted to us.

You can get points for any bug you report to us, even if it's the smallest error in our stylesheet. These bugs will most likely range from 10-500 points, depending on how much of a risk we deem the bug. The largest sum of minimum points you can get are earned by finding the following exploits:

Vulnerability Minimum
Server-Side Remote Code Execution 10.000 points
Significant Logic Flaw 5.000 points
Unrestricted File System Access 2.000 points
XSS or XSRF With Significant Security Impact 1,000 points

Be wary though, these exploits can be pretty big. It's not recommended to spend your time researching these if you're not savvy on information security.

We also offer exclusive Outburst merchandise to anyone who has achieved earning more than 10.000 points. What this merchandise will be will remain a surprise, however!

Finally, and needless to say, please do not violate any laws when conducting your tests. We also ask you to keep damage done to a minimum.

To report a bug, please use the form below, with the following format:

URL & description of exact location where bug has been found:

Description of bug:

Ways to replicate bug:

Your email (if you don't mind us contacting you back):

Feature requests

So you have an idea for a feature? Great! You can email us using the underneith form. Be sure to explain your feature request in depth.

Takedown requests

We do not take down any posts upon request, unless they violate our terms of service. If a post does violate the terms of service, please tell us why it does and what the contents of the post are.